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Joshua Walker interview #2

Thursday, December 15, 2022 – 9:00 a.m.

Joshua Walker is Jackson Walker's younger brother.

Detectives Murphy and Parker talked to him again at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Joshua Walker

Joshua Walker: I'm not sure what else I can do for you, detectives. Last time we spoke, I told you everything I knew, everywhere I went, everything I ate, everyone I saw.

Detective Murphy: Then this should be nice and short. Please state your name and address for the record.

Joshua Walker: Joshua Walker, 2000 Lexington Pointe Dr., Oxford.

Detective Parker: Mr. Walker, are you familiar with The Roadhouse Bar & Grill?

Joshua Walker: Sure, why?

Detective Parker: Ever been there?

Joshua Walker: Yes, a couple of times.

Detective Parker: When was the last time?

Joshua Walker: Uh…I'm not sure.

Detective Parker: Give it a guess. A month ago? Two months? Six months?

Joshua Walker: A little over a month ago, if I had to guess.

Detective Murphy: Did you go there with someone?

Joshua Walker: Yes, my dad and my brother.

Detective Murphy: Which brother?

Joshua Walker: Jeff. Jack and I don't hang out.

Detective Murphy: Anything unusual happen that night?

Joshua Walker: Not really. Why?

Detective Murphy: Because that's not what we heard.

Joshua Walker: Wait. What did you hear?

Detective Parker: Mr. Walker, we ask the questions. Now let's try this again. Did something unusual happen at The Roadhouse when you were there with your father and your brother Jeff?

Joshua Walker: Not really. I mean, Dad was feeling no pain, and Jeff and I stepped away to play darts. When we turned around, Dad was gone. It's happened before. We weren't concerned.

Detective Parker: Who drove that night?

Joshua Walker: Dad. Dad drove.

Detective Murphy: So he was drunk, and he drove away and left you and Jeff stranded at the bar, and that didn't concern you?

Joshua Walker: Uh, no, detective. Jeff and I are both grown men and can figure out how to get home.

Detective Parker: How'd you get home?

Joshua Walker: Jeff called Jack.

Detective Murphy: How long were you at the bar?

Joshua Walker: A couple hours, I think.

Detective Parker: Was Jackson not available right away?

Joshua Walker: He was available. We weren't ready to leave right away.

Detective Murphy: Was Jackson alone?

Joshua Walker: Uh, no. He was with someone.

Detective Parker: Who?

Joshua Walker: His girlfriend, I guess you'd call her. He was seeing someone named Sylvia.

Detective Murphy: Had you met her before?

Joshua Walker: Who, Sylvia? Uh, no.

Detective Murphy: So you didn't know her?

Joshua Walker: No, I didn't know her. Where is this going, detective? What does a night out with Jeff and my dad have to do with anything?

Detective Parker: That's what we're trying to establish?

Joshua Walker: Well, let me save you some trouble. It's got nothing to do with anything.

Detective Murphy: Did you leave the bar right away when Jack and Sylvia came to get you?

Joshua Walker: No. Jeff and I weren't ready to leave, so we played some darts and had a few beers.

Detective Parker: Was Jackson angry about having to wait?

Joshua Walker: Who cares? He needed to lighten up. Pull that stick out of his a**. I mean, he was boring the crap out of his date.

Detective Parker: Was he now? How could you tell?

Joshua Walker: How would you feel if your date sulked at a table nursing a glass of wine?

Detective Murphy: How I would feel is immaterial. You act like it was Jackson's fault, but they were waiting for you and Jeff, weren't they?

Joshua Walker: Well, yeah, but she wasn't sulking.

Detective Murphy: What was she doing?

Joshua Walker: Just…I dunno…talking, you know? Laughing. Socializing.

Detective Murphy: Flirting?

Joshua Walker: What? No, it wasn't like that.

Detective Parker: If you say so.

Joshua Walker: I do. I say so. What difference does any of this make, anyway? Jack was sick, and now he's dead. We're all just trying to move on. Can I please go?

Detective Parker: Not quite yet, Mr. Walker. We're investigating Jackson's death as a homicide, so it's important that we get as many specific details from you as possible. It'll help us piece together the events leading up to Jackson's death.

Joshua Walker: I had nothing to do with it.

Detective Murphy: Nothing to do with what?

Joshua Walker: Jack's death. Whatever caused it, it wasn't me.

Detective Parker: But just a month ago, you were baiting him at the bar when he showed up with his date to drive you home.

Joshua Walker: Listen. Jeff and I gave him a hard time, okay? We did. But it's just, you know, sibling stuff, okay?

Detective Parker: Okay. Did you flirt with his date?

Joshua Walker: Okay, yes. A little. But it was no big deal! Just a little friendly banter and a little rubbing his nose in it.

Detective Murphy: How friendly was the banter?

Joshua Walker: Platonically friendly.

Detective Parker: Have you seen Sylvia since that night?

Joshua Walker: No?

Detective Murphy: Are you asking me, Mr. Walker?

Joshua Walker: No, I'm not asking you. I'm trying to remember if she came into the bank or something. Wouldn't want to be accused of lying to you for some innocent oversight.

Detective Parker: So, if we have information that since then you have seen Sylvia, and on multiple occasions, you're saying that would be untrue?

Joshua Walker: That's not— I— seriously, detective, honestly, I can't say that would be true. Who told you that? I have no reason to lie to you. I mean, I spent all that time looking for some chick named Candi, right? Why waste my time if I had Sylvia on the hook?

Detective Murphy: So you didn't run into her at Holly Jolly Holidays on Saturday afternoon?

Joshua Walker: Sylvia wasn't there Saturday afternoon.

Detective Murphy: How do you know that?

Joshua Walker: I…I don't, really. Just from hearsay. That's what you call it when someone tells you something, right? And I heard it from Jack. Sylvia went to Jack's apartment to check in on him.

Detective Parker: When did he tell you this?

Joshua Walker: Saturday evening. I called him sometime after I went to Newk's.

Detective Parker: Why?

Joshua Walker: I didn't mean to call Jack. I fat-fingered the phone, trying to call Jeff. Didn't realize until Jack answered. He sounded bad. Really bad. I asked if he needed anything, and he said no, that Sylvia had stopped by earlier and also his neighbor lady. Then he had a coughing fit and hung up.

Detective Murphy: Why didn't you tell us this before?

Joshua Walker: I just … forgot, okay? I'm not trying to mislead you, detective. God, you make me sound like a complete a*****e.

Detective Parker: You don't need much help there, Mr. Walker.

Joshua Walker: Fine, detective, I'm a terrible person. But I didn't murder my brother, okay? Can I go now?

Detective Parker: Do you know who did?

Joshua Walker: No! My God, no! Look, I was not a good brother, but I did not kill him. May I please go? Please.

Detective Murphy: Yes. But Mr. Walker, if you remember anything else you might have forgotten to mention because of an innocent oversight, please call us.

Joshua Walker: Whatever.

Interview ended – 9:26 a.m.


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