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Sylvia Mason interview

Tuesday, December 13, 2022 – 1:05 p.m.

Sylvia Mason was a close friend of Jackson Walker.

Detectives Murphy and Parker talked to at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Sylvia Mason

Detective Murphy: We appreciate your time today. Please state your name and address for the record.

Sylvia Mason: My name is Sylvia Ann Mason, and I live at 342 Elm Street here in Oxford.

Detective Murphy: Where do you work?

Sylvia Mason: I'm the assistant volleyball coach at Northwest Mississippi Community College.

Detective Murphy: How well did you know Jackson Walker?

Sylvia Mason: Very well. We've been friends since I was a freshman in college. I met him at Mcdonald's.

Detective Parker: Do you always become good friends with people you meet at fast food restaurants?

Sylvia Mason: No. It was really funny. He was behind me in line, and I ordered a double quarter pounder, large fries, and a large chocolate milkshake. He asked if I was going to need help eating all that and said he would be happy to volunteer.

Detective Murphy: Did you take him up on the offer?

Sylvia Mason: Nope, didn't need any help. I've always been a big eater. He sat down at the table right next to me, and we started talking. Before I knew it, I was late for my Intro to Education class. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet there the following week for lunch. It sort of became our thing.

Detective Parker: Were you romantically involved?

Sylvia Mason: Not really. We toyed with the idea a time or two, but it just never seemed to go anywhere.

Detective Parker: Did you want it to progress into something more than friendship?

Sylvia Mason: I was open to the possibility. It would've been nice to see if we were compatible that way. I think there was potential, but he'd always put the brakes on when things started to happen.

Detective Murphy: He didn't feel the same way about you as you did about him?

Sylvia Mason: I wouldn't say that. He just didn't want to ruin a great friendship, is all.

Detective Parker: Do you know anyone who would want to see Jackson dead?

Sylvia Mason God, no. There were people he clashed with, but I can't imagine anyone wanted him dead.

Detective Murphy: Who did he clash with?

Sylvia Mason: I know there was a guy at his office who he bumped heads with a lot, and Jackson had issues with his brother. Totally one-sided, I think. Jackson was hanging on to childhood stuff, from what I gather. But I don't think either of them would resort to violence.

Detective Murphy: Would you happen to know the names of these gentlemen?

Sylvia Mason: Sure, Adam Cooper is the guy Jackson worked with, and Joshua Walker is one of Jackson's brothers.

Detective Parker: What can you tell us about the conflict with Adam Cooper?

Sylvia Mason: Not much. Apparently, Jackson is a hard-ass when giving reviews, and apparently, Adam Cooper took offense to some of Jackson's observations.

Detective Parker: When did you last see Jackson?

Sylvia Mason: I took a care package over to him. I guess it must've been the day before he died. In the afternoon.

Detective Murphy: You guess?

Sylvia Mason: Well, yeah. I'm not sure when exactly…that happened, you know? When he died. So I'm guessing I saw him the afternoon before. We were supposed to go out the night before that. He called and canceled. God, he sounded so sick.

Detective Murphy: Did you go into his apartment when you delivered this package?

Sylvia Mason: No. Jackson wasn't expecting me. I just stood outside when he answered the door. God, he looked so sick. I should've insisted he go to the hospital.

Detective Murphy: Did you call him after you dropped the care package off?

Sylvia Mason: Uh…no.

Detective Parker: What was in the care package?

Sylvia Mason: It was just…stuff to make him feel better.

Detective Murphy: What kind of stuff would make him feel better?

Sylvia Mason: Well, it sounds real dumb now, but I thought it would cheer him up. There was some no-brand nighttime cold medicine, a box of tissues, a bag of Funyuns, bubble gum-flavored lip balm, a couple of protein bars, and a little bag of foil-covered chocolate Hanukkah coins.

Detective Parker: What time were you at Jackson's apartment with your care package?

Sylvia Mason: Late afternoon, around 3:00, I guess?

Detective Murphy: You don't remember?

Sylvia Mason: I'm sorry. This is all so hard. My head is killing me, and I think I'm in shock. I feel like I'm in a fog or something. Can I please be excused now?

Detective Parker: Not quite yet. Where did you go after you left Jackson's apartment?

Sylvia Mason: I went out with a couple of friends. We met at The Blind Pig at around 7:00 p.m. Stayed until it got too rowdy. Some drunk guys were making more noise than the band. Super irritating.

Detective Murphy: What time was that?

Sylvia Mason: That I left? Uh, around 10:30 p.m., I guess?

Detective Parker: Can any of those friends confirm that for us? Or do you have a receipt for anything you ate or drank?

Sylvia Mason: Maybe? I really don't know them that well, but I can reach out on Insta. No receipt, though.

Detective Murphy: Insta?

Sylvia Mason: Instagram. You know, send a DM?

Detective Murphy: You don't have any other contact information?

Sylvia Mason: No, sorry.

Detective Murphy: A name?

Sylvia Mason: I have their first names and their screen names, but I can reach out to have them contact you.

Detective Parker: That'd be great. Where'd you go after you left The Blind Pig?

Sylvia Mason: Home. And my neighbor can confirm that. She popped by right after I walked in the door. That was…uh…just after 11:00 p.m., I'm guessing. Her name is Cathy.

Detective Murphy: And Sunday?

Sylvia Mason: Sunday, I slept in. I was super hungover, which is weird because I didn't have that much to drink.

Detective Parker: Were you home all day?

Sylvia Mason: No, I took myself out to breakfast at the IHOP. Unfortunately, I was alone.

Detective Murphy: What time was that?

Sylvia Mason: Around 11:30 a.m., I think? Not really breakfast time, but breakfast food.

Detective Parker: Any possibility you paid with a credit card?

Sylvia Mason: Oh, yeah, actually, I did. I can get you the receipt. And afterward, I went home and did some laundry. I have no one to verify that unless someone wants to come to my house and look at my empty laundry basket. My head is splitting, detectives. May I leave now?

Detective Parker: Yes. Take care of yourself, and call us if you remember anything else that might help with the investigation.

Interview ended – 1:36 p.m.


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