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Joshua Walker bio

Joshua Walker was the last of four children born to Craig and Teresa Walker in New Albany, Mississippi, on December 25, 1995. Joshua's three older siblings, Jeffrey, Jennifer, and Jackson, blamed Joshua for ruining not just Christmas 1995 but every Christmas after that. Jackson, who was born three years earlier on December 24th, was especially bitter since Joshua also forever upstaged Jackson's birthday.

Craig and Teresa's marriage was strained before Joshua was born, and the extra financial stress affected the whole family. Joshua's siblings blamed Joshua for the need to implement a stricter family budget, and they took it out on him in the form of merciless "teasing," which Joshua pretended not to notice.

In 2004, Craig and Teresa filed for divorce. Teresa kept the house the couple had purchased, and Craig rented a small house not too far away. Craig and Teresa made unusual custody arrangements. On weekdays, Jeffrey and Joshua lived with Craig, and Jennifer and Jackson lived with Teresa. On weekends, the children switched households.

This allowed for a deeper level of torment for Joshua. He often complained to friends that Jennifer and Jackson constantly made up lies claiming that Joshua broke Jackson's things when on visitation at Teresa's. One weekend when Craig was sick, all four children were at Teresa's, and Joshua's frustration turned to rage. He spat in Jackson's food and urinated on Jackson's MP3 player, which was in his suitcase. The tension between the two brothers remained high until Jackson left for college.

For the next three years, Joshua lived happily as an only child with the freedom to bounce between his parents' homes whenever he wanted to.

Joshua graduated from high school in 2013 and started working as a janitor cleaning commercial bank lobbies. In 2015, he applied for a teller position at the Bank of Mississippi and was hired. He moved to Oxford in 2017 to work as a float teller at Oxford University Bank.

In Oxford, Joshua enjoys a fairly active social scene, casually dating two or three women at a time. He plays pickleball about three times per month with friends from work and sees live musical acts at The Lyric Oxford at least once a month.


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