File folder stamped "Alibi"

Alibi check: Mark Eldridge

Investigators spoke to friends of the man who found the body to try to corroborate his account.

Smiling man with thinning light-colored hair

Kevin Ledbetter interview #2

The detectives asked Kevin to come in again to talk about his relationship with Jasmine.

Middle-aged man with dark hair and a receding hairline

Scott Knapp interview #2

The detectives talked to Jasmine's potential employer again to get more details from him.

Middle-aged woman with light hair and a sad expression

Brenda Ledbetter interview #2

The detectives asked Jasmine's mother to clarify some details and new information.

Young man with dark hair

Chris Wooten interview #2

The detectives spoke to Chris again to follow up on some new information.

Young man with dark blond hair

Michael Rainey interview

The detectives asked Mr. Rainey if he could corroborate any part of Chris Wooten's alibi.

Excerpt of a map showing where the body was found

Places of Interest

This map shows Yoknapatawpha County locations relevant to the Jasmine Ledbetter homicide investigation.

Evidence photo of a Kroger Plus shopper's card

Kroger cardholder info

Kroger provided account information associated with the shopper's card found at the crime scene.

Young woman with shoulder-length blonde hair

Ashley Beckwith interview #2

The detectives asked Ashley to address some questions that have arisen since their first conversation.

Gloved hand holding a collected fingerprint

Scene forensics

The Crime Lab provided their preliminary findings on analysis of evidence from the scene.

Photo of the exterior of the Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office

Coroner's report

Preliminary report on the autopsy of Jasmine Ledbetter. Additional analyses are ongoing.

Young woman with short brown hair

Megan McDowell interview #2

The detectives talked to Jasmine's best friend again to follow up on some new information.

Woman with light hair and a sad expression

Brenda Ledbetter interview #3

The detectives talked to Jasmine's mother again to get more information and make a request.

Hand holding a pen and marking Yes on a Consent to Search form

Brenda Ledbetter consent search

Brenda Ledbetter gave the detectives consent to search her residence and vehicle.

Seal of Yoknapatawpha County with "Search Warrant" label

Ashley Beckwith search

The detectives obtained a warrant to search Ashley Beckwith's residence and vehicle.

Exterior of the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department with the Oxford Weekly Planet logo in the foreground

YCSD hot on a killer's trail?

The Crime Beat reports: Investigators close to an arrest in the Ledbetter murder?

File folder stamped "Alibi"

Alibi status summaries

Investigators summarized the alibis for persons of interest and whether those alibis could be corroborated.

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