Young woman with shoulder-length blonde hair

Ashley Beckwith interview #2

Thursday, May 16, 2024 – 11:30 a.m.

Ashley Beckwith is Christopher Wooten's former girlfriend.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Ashley Beckwith

Detective Murphy: Thank you for coming in again, Ms. Beckwith. Would you please state your name and address for the record?

Ashley Beckwith: Ashley Beckwith, 913 South 13th Street. What's this all about? I already told you everything I know.

Detective Armstrong: Are you sure?

Ashley Beckwith: Yes, I have nothing to hide.

Detective Armstrong: Like I said, are you sure?

Ashley Beckwith: Are you going to keep badgering me, or are you going to tell me what is going on?

Detective Murphy: We just wanted to give you the opportunity to clarify your previous statement. You should know that we've found out some interesting things since our last chat. Say, for instance, the fact that you knew exactly who Jasmine Ledbetter was.

Ashley Beckwith: Well, I told you might have seen her around. I didn't say I didn't know her.

Detective Murphy: You apparently knew her well enough to call her cell phone a number of times.

Ashley Beckwith: Oh… well, her number was similar to a friend of mine's. I guess I never connected that Jasmine with Jasmine Ledbetter. So I called her by accident a couple times. No big deal.

Detective Armstrong: You called more than a couple times. You also stopped by her work more than a couple times. Do you want to tell us why?

Ashley Beckwith: I'll tell you why. Because she stole Christopher away from me. Christopher and I had the perfect relationship until that little tramp came along. She was a nobody, not even good enough to clean my shoes.

Detective Murphy: So you think she stole Christopher from you? Why follow her around?

Ashley Beckwith: I know she stole him away from me! She used some kind of trick to fool Christopher into thinking he loved her and not me. I wanted to know what that trick was, so I needed to find out more about her. I mean, obviously, it couldn't have been her looks or her family. Why would Christopher throw away caviar for oatmeal?

Detective Armstrong: I don't know about his dietary habits, but I do know if someone breaks up with you, it generally means they don't want to see you anymore. Did you kill Jasmine Ledbetter?

Ashley Beckwith: Oh, no. I didn't want her dead. I just wanted to know what tricks she was using to get Christopher. You don't understand. Christopher treated me better than any man ever has. I just want him back.

Detective Murphy: Well, with Jasmine out of the way now, I guess you can. If he wants you, that is.

Ashley Beckwith: Why wouldn't he want me? I mean, she's gone. He needs someone to comfort him, to be there for him, to love him.

Detective Armstrong: So Jasmine being murdered was a good thing for you?

Ashley Beckwith: Well, not to sound too heartless about it, but yes. I didn't kill her, though. It just worked out good for me.

Detective Armstrong: Where were you last Saturday night?

Ashley Beckwith: I was out.

Detective Armstrong: Out where?

Ashley Beckwith: I don't remember. Just out.

Detective Murphy: Ashley, now is not the time to lie to us.

Ashley Beckwith: Okay, fine. I was watching Christopher's house.

Detective Murphy: Watching it from where?

Ashley Beckwith: I parked down the street from his house. Don't look at me like that. I'm not a stalker.

Detective Murphy: Okay, then why were you watching his house?

Ashley Beckwith: Because I was worried about him. Jasmine was no good for him. I mean, look at her. She has a crappy job at a crappy restaurant. She still lives at home. She doesn't go to college. She doesn't even have a car. She has no future, and Christopher deserves better than that.

Detective Murphy: Jasmine has no future because someone murdered her.

Ashley Beckwith: Well, it wasn't me. But maybe you should consider the possibility that whoever that person was did her a favor. The only thing she had going for her was that she hadn't gotten old and fat yet. Now, she never will.

Detective Armstrong: I've got to be honest with you, Ashley. That kind of comment makes me think you did kill Jasmine.

Ashley Beckwith: Well, I didn't.

Detective Murphy: Was anyone with you when you were parked outside Christopher's house??

Ashley Beckwith: No, I was alone.

Detective Murphy: What time did you get there?

Ashley Beckwith: I think it was about 7:00 p.m.

Detective Murphy: What time did you leave?

Ashley Beckwith: Around 11:00 p.m.

Detective Murphy: Is there anyone who can verify that?

Ashley Beckwith: How should I know? I didn't talk to anybody, but someone could've seen me, I guess.

Detective Armstrong: Was Chris home when you got there?

Ashley Beckwith: No, he got there a little later, maybe 7:30 p.m. I thought he saw me, but I guess he didn't.

Detective Armstrong: How do you know?

Ashley Beckwith: Because he would've come over to talk to me if he had.

Detective Armstrong: You mean, he would've told you to go away.

Ashley Beckwith: No, he would never say that to me.

Detective Armstrong: He's said it to you before, hasn't he?

Ashley Beckwith: He never meant it. Not really.

Detective Armstrong: Ashley, you just keep digging yourself in deeper. You need to convince me that you didn't kill Jasmine, or I'm going to start filling out your arrest report.

Ashley Beckwith: What? I already told you I didn't.

Detective Armstrong: Yeah, but why should I believe you?

Ashley Beckwith: Because I'm telling the truth. Besides, it's not like I was the only one keeping an eye on those two. I saw some lady drive by Christopher's real slow a bunch of times.

Detective Armstrong: So you watched his house more than once?

Ashley Beckwith: That is so not the point. Didn't you hear me?

Detective Armstrong: We can come back to that. So who was this lady?

Ashley Beckwith: How should I know? Some lady.

Detective Armstrong: What did she look like?

Ashley Beckwith: She was old.

Detective Armstrong: How old?

Ashley Beckwith: I don't know. Old.

Detective Armstrong: Okay. Can you tell us anything else about what she looked like? Hair color? Race? Anything?

Ashley Beckwith: I didn't pay that much attention. She was white, and she was old. That's all I know.

Detective Murphy: What about her car? What did it look like?

Ashley Beckwith: Boring. Just a regular four-door car like old people drive.

Detective Murphy: I'm not sure I know what kind of car old people drive. Can you tell me anything else about it? What color was it?

Ashley Beckwith: I don't know. Dark. I really didn't pay that much attention.

Detective Armstrong: How many times did you see this lady?

Ashley Beckwith: A lot.

Detective Armstrong: So… five times? Ten times? More?

Ashley Beckwith: I don't know. A lot, okay? At least ten times.

Detective Armstrong: All right, one more time, Ashley. Did you kill Jasmine Ledbetter?

Ashley Beckwith: No! I've already told you I didn't. I know you're old, but if you can't remember things anymore, maybe you should get a different job. You know what? I'm tired of this. If you want to ask me any more questions, you can call my father's attorney. I'm leaving.

Interview ended – 12:15 p.m.


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