Man with brown hair, mustache and goatee

Donald Huddleston

Wednesday, November 4, 2020 – 2:45 p.m.

Donald Huddleston is a corporate/tax attorney and the father of one of the archery team members.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at his residence, 168 Orrwood Drive.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Donald Huddleston

Detective Murphy: Mr. Huddleston, may we speak with you for a moment?

Donald Huddleston: First name, Donald. D-O-N-A-L-D. Middle initial, K. Last name Huddleston. H-U-D-D-L-E-S-T-O-N. Same last name as Marc. You know Marc, right? My teenaged son?

Detective Armstrong: Thank you, Mr. Huddleston, but that's not necessary. This is informal—

Donald Huddleston: 168 Orrwood Drive. There's nothing informal about an interview conducted by detectives investigating a murder case, now is there? Ask my son!

Detective Murphy: We understand that you're upset. This won't take long.

Donald Huddleston: That's correct, detective. It won't take long. I'm a single father. I need to pick up my daughter from school. My son was going to do that for me before he went to practice today because I'm supposed to be prepping for an IRS audit of one of my clients. Clearly, that's not possible now because, for some reason, you're holding him.

Detective Armstrong: Mr. Huddleston, did Marc ever mention to you how he felt about Frederick Miller?

Donald Huddleston: Many times. Which time are we discussing here?

Detective Armstrong: Was he angry that Mr. Miller made Lizzie break up with him?

Donald Huddleston: Lizzie didn't break up with him.

Detective Murphy: Marc drives a pretty nice car.

Donald Huddleston: Yes, well, both of his parents are lawyers, and he's a responsible kid who earned it. Do you have a point you're trying to make, detective?

Detective Murphy: It's got a reliable security system, doesn't it?

Donald Huddleston: We'll be here all afternoon at this rate, but okay. Yes, ma'am, it certainly does.

Detective Murphy: So it's not likely that anything could be stolen out of it without Marc realizing it, right?

Donald Huddleston: Wrong. That assumes facts not in evidence. Marc often leaves his car unsecured.

Detective Armstrong: Why?

Donald Huddleston: Because he's busy with school and practice and helping me shuttle his little sister around, and he doesn't always think to do it. Now, I allowed you into my home to execute your search warrant, but I am under no obligation to answer your questions. This is a courtesy. Please quit trying to lead me into revealing something. If you have a question, then ask it.

Detective Armstrong: Where was Marc last Thursday evening, do you know?

Donald Huddleston: I know where he said he was, and I trust that he was there.

Detective Murphy: Where was that?

Donald Huddleston: At the skate park with his friends, as you already know.

Detective Murphy: What friends were those?

Donald Huddleston: I wasn't there, detective.

Detective Armstrong: Did he tell you which friends?

Donald Huddleston: No. He didn't tell me. He has many friends, and they socialize at the skate park sometimes. He's never given me any reason to distrust him.

Detective Murphy: Was he having any trouble keeping his grades up?

Donald Huddleston: No, detective, he was not. Marc works hard and gets good grades. He never breaks curfew. He never misses practice. He's in the number one spot on the team. I'm not sure what kind of case you're trying to build here, but Marc's a great kid.

Detective Murphy: I'm sure he is, Mr. Huddleston. Has there been a change in his behavior lately?

Donald Huddleston: Lately, as in this afternoon? Probably. Of course, I don't know for sure, but I would certainly presume so since you are holding him in a jail cell!

Detective Armstrong: Mr. Huddleston—

Donald Huddleston: Marc doesn't have a motive, detective! He kills a guy over a teenage crush? Really? Do you hear yourselves? Isn't Frederick's wife's alleged affair more of a motive? Huh? Or Frederick's gambling debts?

Detective Murphy: We understand—

Donald Huddleston: No, detective. No! I don't think you do understand. Now, I need to end this informal meeting to pick my daughter up from school. So, please, excuse me.

Detective Murphy: Of course. Thank you. We may need to speak with you again, Mr. Huddleston, when it's more convenient for you.

Donald Huddleston: Contact my office for an appointment.

Interview ends – 2:57 p.m.

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Regarding valuables in the car

Donald Huddleston: "...he's a responsible kid who earned it."

Donald Huddleston: "...Marc often leaves his car unsecured."

How is that responsible?

Marc's 2nd interview

Marc Huddleston: I guess so. I might've...

Regarding valuables in the car

Donald Huddleston: "...he's a responsible kid who earned it."

Donald Huddleston: "...Marc often leaves his car unsecured."

How is that responsible?

Marc's 2nd interview

Marc Huddleston: I guess so. I might've left it unlocked or something.

Detective Armstrong: Do you do that often? Even when you keep valuable things in your car?

Marc Huddleston: Sometimes, yeah. I just forget.

Yet it does seem to attest Marc's sloppiness, which is also mentioned by Travis Lancaster with regards to the pin : "Yeah. He was actually driving everyone nuts last week because he lost it. That kid is always losing things."

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This guy is angry because the police have locked up his son. I'd be angry, too.
It seems that several people have mentioned Miller's gambling debts. That needs to be checked out better, I think.

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