Young woman with blonde hair and glasses

Gwen Carver interview #2

Saturday, April 25, 2020 – 11:15 a.m.

Gwendolyn Carver had the female lead role in Dalton Kimbrough's film.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Gwen Carver

Detective Murphy: Would you please state your name, age, address, and occupation for the record?

Gwen Carver: Gwen Carver. I'm 20, and I live at 211 Anderson Way in Oxford. I'm a student at Ole Miss.

Detective Armstrong: You're probably wondering why we called you in here. Some of your activities since the murder have come to our attention, and we just want to get on the same page.

Gwen Carver: What do you mean?

Detective Armstrong: You didn't seem to like Kayla Mathis when we first talked to you, but since then, it looks like y'all have been spending a good bit of time together. So what's changed?

Gwen Carver: It's true Kayla and I have been hanging out. We've found it to be almost necessary after what happened. It's been a real struggle to get back to solid ground, and who knows if we'll ever fully make it.

Detective Murphy: So you two are friends now?

Gwen Carver: That's right. Best friends.

Detective Murphy: Just like that?

Gwen Carver: After what we went through, it's only natural that we'd reach out to each other. No one else can understand.

Detective Murphy: When we searched the lodge, among the things we found was a movie called The Balcony. Take a look at this still picture from that movie and tell us if you know this woman.

Gwen Carver: That's Cheyenne Wyoming. That girl who showed up at the lodge that day.

Detective Murphy: You're sure that's her? Had you ever seen her or met her before that day?

Gwen Carver: I had never seen her before, but that's definitely her.

Detective Armstrong: Did Kimbrough ever talk about this woman?

Gwen Carver: He mentioned something to me right after that incident. Like a day or two later. He just said, "She really was something." And that's it. I thought he was being ridiculous, so I didn't say anything about it. But he never said anything either.

Detective Murphy: Do you have any idea where she went after she left the lodge that day?

Gwen Carver: I don't know. I never even talked to her.

Detective Murphy: Have you seen her since then?

Gwen Carver: You know, I thought I saw her in town one day, but it was only for a second and she was kind of far away. Maybe it wasn't her.

Detective Murphy: When was that?

Gwen Carver: Not long after we came back from the lodge.

Detective Armstrong: What about Robert Budd? What do you know about him?

Gwen Carver: I know he and Dalton were really close at one time. They made films together and everything. But I remember thinking that Dalton was always kind of purposefully vague about him.

Detective Armstrong: Why do you think that was?

Gwen Carver: I got the impression that Rob was dangerous, and their relationship wasn't one of friendship. I think Dalton was kind of freaked out about him like maybe they didn't part on good terms, and maybe Rob was the kind to seek revenge. It was almost like Dalton was scared of him, but it didn't make any sense.

Detective Murphy: But Dalton never contacted Robert during the time you were at the lodge?

Gwen Carver: No.

Detective Murphy: Did he mention where he was?

Gwen Carver: I always assumed he was still traveling, doing that guerilla theatre thing Dalton told me about.

Detective Armstrong: Turns out, Robert Budd is in prison here in Mississippi. He has been for a while now and probably won't get out any time soon. Did Dalton ever give you any idea that Rob was locked up?

Gwen Carver: No. Maybe he didn't know about it because I can't believe he wouldn't mention it if he did.

Detective Murphy: Did Dalton ever mention an accident that occurred while he and Robert Budd were playing tricks up and down the coast? Any death stories?

Gwen Carver: No, but he twitched and shouted a lot in his sleep. Like he was having terrible nightmares.

Detective Murphy: Did he ever say anything in his sleep?

Gwen Carver: He'd laugh sometimes. Almost like a painful laugh.

Detective Murphy: We've tried to contact Kimbrough's family, but they've apparently left Jackson. We want to talk to them about their son, but they seem to have vanished off the face of the earth. Did you ever have any contact at all with Dalton's parents?

Gwen Carver: I never met them, and Dalton didn't really have much to say about them. I mean, what I've already told you — that his dad was a chef and his mom was a landscape architect. He told me stories about them and about growing up. He spoke rather fondly of them in the past, but I always wondered why he never called them or anything the whole time we were at the lodge.

Detective Armstrong: We're finding a lot more questions than answers about Dalton's past. Do you think you really knew him at all? Was it really possible to know him?

Gwen Carver: Of course, I knew him.

Detective Armstrong: Are you sure? Maybe you just knew what he was like when he was with you?

Gwen Carver: The Dalton I knew was a brilliant, tortured artist. Sure, he had things in his past that he didn't talk about, but who doesn't?

Detective Murphy: Gwen, we need to ask you some more questions about the events surrounding the murder.

Gwen Carver: Okay.

Detective Murphy: You told us before that you kicked in the door to Dalton's bedroom. Is that right?

Gwen Carver: Did I? I didn't mean that. Or I don't think I did. I was banging on it and kicked it a few times, but not very hard. Finally, it was just open. I was pretty upset. I don't remember whether I opened it or it came open or what. Is it important?

Detective Murphy: Could you hear anyone inside the room when you were banging on the door?

Gwen Carver: I thought I did, but when I got inside, no one was there… except poor Dalton.

Detective Murphy: Now that you've got some distance on it and you've been able to think about it, do you know who killed Dalton?

Gwen Carver: I really don't. He could be difficult sometimes, but I don't know why anyone would want to kill him.

Detective Armstrong: This new bond you and Kayla Mathis have, is that because you two killed him together?

Gwen Carver: Are you crazy? I didn't— I would never— and neither would Kayla! We may not have liked each other then, but we both loved Dalton. We would never do anything to hurt him!

Detective Armstrong: Was it someone else in the lodge then?

Gwen Carver: I really don't think so. I just don't think any of those guys would kill Dalton. They liked him.

Detective Armstrong: Okay, Gwen. If it wasn't any of you in the lodge, then who was it? Dalton didn't do that to himself, you know.

Gwen Carver: I keep telling you. I don't know who it was!

Detective Armstrong: So someone snuck in from outside without being seen, got into Dalton's room without being seen, killed Dalton without being seen, and then got away without being seen? That's what you're telling us?

Gwen Carver: It has to be that. It just has to be.

Detective Armstrong: Okay, let's go with that. Who would do that? Who would want to?

Gwen Carver: I don't know.

Detective Armstrong: Who even knew y'all were there?

Gwen Carver: Chuckie Mulroney did.

Detective Armstrong: So you think Chuckie killed him?

Gwen Carver: No, I— I don't know.

Detective Armstrong: What about that actress, Cheyenne Wyoming? Didn't she know y'all were there?

Gwen Carver: Yes.

Detective Armstrong: And didn't she have some personal history with Dalton?

Gwen Carver: I don't know. I think so.

Detective Armstrong: So, did she do it?

Gwen Carver: I don't know. I just don't know. Why are you being so mean to me? All I know for sure is that I didn't kill him. I don't know who did.

Detective Armstrong: We're not being mean. This thing makes no sense, and it's frustrating. A young man was brutally murdered, and no one seems to have any idea how it happened, even though they were only a few yards away at the time. How is that possible?

Gwen Carver: I don't know, but it is.

Detective Murphy: All right, Gwen. Is there anything you can tell us that might help us solve this case? Any information, even if it seems insignificant?

Gwen Carver: I can't think of anything. I really can't.

Detective Murphy: Okay, we thank you for your time. Oh, by the way, have you ever heard of the Heartsong Collective?

Gwen Carver: That place for abused women?

Detective Murphy: You've heard of it?

Gwen Carver: Sure. I don't really know anything about it except that, though.

Detective Murphy: You've never been out there?

Gwen Carver: No.

Detective Murphy: Do you know anyone who's been there?

Gwen Carver: I don't think so.

Detective Murphy: Okay. Thanks again. We'll be in touch.

Interview ended – 11:56 a.m.



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