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David Woolworth bio

David Sage Woolworth was born in Wilmington, Delaware, on June 14, 1977.

From a young age, he showed a precocious ability to deal with complex abstractions. In 1995, he earned a scholarship to the University of Texas. After earning his B.S. in Physics in just three years at the age of twenty, he attended Harvard where he gained recognition for his work on chaos theory. In 2003, he earned his Ph.D. from Harvard and accepted a faculty position at Cambridge University, England.

He remained in Cambridge until 2008 when, to the shock of his peers and citing personal research, he took a much less prestigious position teaching mathematics at the University of Mississippi, Oxford. After a disagreement with colleagues, Professor Woolworth resigned his position at Ole Miss in May 2013 but was re-hired for the fall semester in the same year.

While Professor Woolworth is well-respected in the academic community, his colleagues regard him as something of a flake because of his interest in alien cults. Reportedly, he has been a consultant to the TV show Ancient Aliens, and writes under the pseudonym "Elvirus" for the online magazine Anti-Matters.

Professor Woolworth has published several academic and non-academic works dealing with a variety of subjects centered around aliens and world apocalypse. These include Y2K, You're OK (Harvard 2000), Ionic Compression at Infinite Gravity (Harvard 2005), Non-logic and Paradox in Chaos Theory (Cambridge 2007), The Center of the Edge of the Universe (Cambridge 2008), The Intergalactic Convergence Zone (Yoknapatawpha, 2011), The End is Nearer (Yoknapatawpha, 2013), and Transcending Superannuated Reasoning in the Anti-Science Era (Yoknapatawpha, 2015).

Over the years, Woolworth has both admitted and denied being the leader of the Ego Shovel cult. In late 2015, he released a video statement (below) that he and other members of Ego Shovel were "going to a better place" to escape persecution. After that video was made public, Woolworth was not seen until the 2017 fall semester at Ole Miss, when he resumed teaching classes. He has provided no information about his whereabouts or activities during his leave of absence.

Professor Woolworth is single and is still a member of the faculty at Ole Miss. He has never had a permanent residence. Since the lodge where Death to the Revelers was filming is now a crime scene, he plans to stay with Roy Whistle in Bruce, Mississippi.



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