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Alonzo Marquez bio

Alonzo Marquez was born on November 18, 1993, in Taos, New Mexico. His father, Rodrigo, was a painter, and his mother, Alicia, was a sculptor. In 2012, Marquez's parents were killed in a car accident, and he was named guardian of his younger brother, Edward, and sister, Angelique.

After his parents died, Alonzo moved to California with his siblings, hoping to get into the entertainment industry and earn enough money to support the three of them. He worked as a Production Assistant on an action movie that was part of a hugely popular series. Even though he was lucky to land the job, he didn't enjoy it because he felt his talents and abilities were unappreciated.

After the shoot ended, he found other odd jobs but had a hard time bringing in enough money to feed, house, and clothe himself and his two siblings. Edward and Angelique ended up in the foster care system, and Alonzo eventually left California and drifted across the country.

In 2015, he landed in Oxford, Mississippi, and decided he had to find some real direction in life. He got a job, applied for financial aid, and enrolled at the University of Mississippi.

With no family to go home to, Alonzo went to school year-round and earned his Bachelor's degree in late 2018. He immediately enrolled in the Southern Studies graduate program. Though he missed the Spring 2020 semester as a result of his involvement in the Death to the Revelers film, he plans to resume his coursework in the 2020 Summer Term.

Alonzo's friends say he has always been quick to adapt to his surroundings, and his sharp survival skills and motivational hustle made him an invaluable asset on the set of Death to the Revelers. The cast and crew survived in large part on feasts of wild game, thanks to his sharp aim.

His official job was set artist, though he also wrangled the players, arranged the lighting, built set pieces, designed special effects, and took care of many other vital details. With all of that, he still had time to turn in a crucial acting performance in the film's opening scene.

In the isolation of the film set compound, he became the most practical person: stoic, undefeatable, and often unyielding. Dalton Kimbrough relied on him as a trustworthy go-to man and a rational sounding board on the rare occasions that Dalton's uncompromising vision allowed for human feedback. Some observers have said that, without Alonzo, the picture might have fallen apart.

At the same time, people not involved in the film who know Alonzo are surprised that such a self-sufficient man could tolerate the reported situation at the lodge, and they wonder what made him stay when it seems like he easily could have walked away.



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