Man arrested

January 31, 2021

Park ranger arrested in connection with illegal pot grow

Marijuana plants found in Wall Doxey State Park

Gloved hands holding a marijuana plant with handcuffs in the foreground

A Wall Doxey Park Ranger has been arrested for growing an illegal substance and selling it. Roy Cook confessed to

The Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department seized approximately 100 marijuana plants from a garden plot within Wall Doxey State Park yesterday. Investigators say they also found pest control and irrigation equipment at the location.

A park ranger was arrested this morning in connection with the discovery. Leroy Marcus Cook, 34, was taken into custody without incident at his residence.

"This is a gross miscarriage of justice," said Cook's attorney, Pam Lipscomb. "Mr. Cook is innocent of any involvement with these marijuana plants or any other illegal activity.

"The sheriff's department has misconstrued the information provided to them," she continued. "When we discuss the evidence with the district attorney's office, we fully expect all charges to be dropped."

Sheriff's spokesperson Elizabeth Jones declined to comment on Lipscomb's claims, saying only that investigators acted on the evidence they had.

Jones would not say whether the discovery of the illegal marijuana plants or the arrest of Mr. Cook was connected to the murder of District Attorney Spenser Brooks, who was shot to death at Wall Doxey last weekend.

"The investigation into Spenser Brooks's homicide is ongoing," Jones told reporters. "If anyone has any information about that shooting, we ask them to contact the sheriff's department or Yoknaptawpha County Crime Stoppers."

By Kemper Jones at 12:00 PM



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