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Mindy Fisher interview

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 – 10:30 a.m.

Mindy Fisher is a friend and neighbor of Jill Ross.

Detectives Magee and Murphy spoke to her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective J. Magee
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Mindy Fisher

Detective Magee: Thank you for coming down. Please state your name and address so we can get started.

Mindy Fisher: No problem, I'm Mindy Fisher. My address is 386 Elm, Oxford.

Detective Murphy: How long have you lived there?

Mindy Fisher: For about nine years now. I love the neighborhood. We all look out for one another.

Detective Magee: Do you work, Mindy?

Mindy Fisher: Yes, I do. I am a nurse practitioner. I work at the women's clinic here in town.

Detective Magee: Do you work weekends?

Mindy Fisher: Every other Saturday, but we're closed on Sunday.

Detective Magee: Where were you last Saturday, the 23rd?

Mindy Fisher: That's Treenie's birthday, my niece. We had a surprise party for her at my house. I was home up until about 5:00 p.m. Then I went out for drinks with some friends.

Detective Murphy: Do you know Jillian Ross?

Mindy Fisher: Of course I do. She lives right next to me. I consider her a friend.

Detective Magee: A friend. So did she go out for drinks with you on Saturday?

Mindy Fisher: Oh no, we don't hang out or anything, but in the spring and summer, we sometimes sit out in the yard together and talk.

Detective Murphy: Did you by any chance notice if Jill was at home on Saturday?

Mindy Fisher: I honestly don't remember … but I can tell you that she isn't usually home on the weekends. If it weren't for the party, I'm sure I could tell you, but I was pretty busy picking up after all the kids. You can't believe how much of a mess five-year-olds make!

Detective Magee: Did you ever see the DA, Spenser Brooks, visit Jill?

Mindy Fisher: No, but I did see Louis Watson show up over there one day.

Detective Murphy: Do you know Louis Watson?

Mindy Fisher: Not personally. I recognized him because I've seen him on the news complaining that the DA was persecuting the liquor stores. That's just foolishness if you ask me. If you don't want the authorities bothering you about selling to underage people, then don't sell to people who are underage. How hard is that?

Detective Murphy: Yes, ma'am. Did you hear what he and Jill talked about that day?

Mindy Fisher: Hard not to. He was yelling his fool head off, saying the crackdown was destroying his business and didn't they have real criminals to prosecute—that kind of thing.

Detective Murphy: How did Jill respond?

Mindy Fisher: I couldn't believe my eyes, but she let him into her house. I was so concerned, I just stood there and watched until he left.

Detective Murphy: Could you hear any of what they said while Mr. Watson was in her house?

Mindy Fisher: He stopped yelling once he got inside. The last thing I heard was, "he won't get away with this," but I didn’t hear who he was talking about. Sorry.

Detective Magee: That's okay. You're doing great. Do you know how long he was in there?

Mindy Fisher: Maybe ten, fifteen minutes?

Detective Magee: How did he seem when he left?

Mindy Fisher: Calmer. I don't know what she said to him, but whatever it was got him settled down.

Detective Magee: Did you ever ask her about it?

Mindy Fisher: Well, after he left, I went over to Jill's to make sure she was all right. I told her I needed some whipping cream.

Detective Magee: Was she all right?

Mindy Fisher: She was fine.

Detective Magee: Did she say anything about Mr. Watson's visit?

Mindy Fisher: Not a word. She checked her refrigerator and said she couldn't help me. Then I left.

Detective Murphy: Do you recall when this happened?

Mindy Fisher: Must've been a couple of weeks ago now.

Detective Murphy: Was that the only time you saw Louis Watson visit Jill?

Mindy Fisher: The only time I saw, but I don't watch her all the time. I have my own life, you know.

Detective Murphy: Yes, ma'am. Thank you again for talking with us. You've been very helpful.

Mindy Fisher: You're welcome. Is that it?

Detective Murphy: Yes. If we need anything else, we'll be in touch.

Mindy Fisher: All right. Y'all have a good day now.

Interview ended – 10:51 a.m.



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