Vaughn Roberts bio

Vaughn was born on October 6, 1978, and was given up for adoption later the same day. As an adult, he hired a private investigator to locate his birth parents but never found them.

When Vaughn was nine days old, Virginia and William Roberts adopted him. They had dreamed of being parents for years and were thrilled that their dream was finally a reality. They loved their son dearly and brought him up in the church.

Vaughn was an active child, always running everywhere he went. As soon as he was old enough, his parents signed him up for organized sports—one for every season of the year—to help him channel some of that energy. He continued to play multiple sports through high school. When he got to college, he found he wasn't quite good enough for the school teams, so except for the occasional intramural game, he gave up athletics in favor of other activities that interested him more.

After sports, Vaughn's greatest passion was school, especially mathematics. In high school, he was a mathlete and participated in math competitions against other schools.

When he wasn't busy with sports or studies, Vaughn dated occasionally but never had a serious relationship in high school. He didn't really have time.

After graduating with top honors from Yoknapatawpha High School, Vaughn went on to college, majoring in math with a minor in education. He loved his high school experience so much that he couldn't wait to get back there as a teacher to help other young people experience the joys of mathematics and athletics just like he had.

Once he got his degree, Vaughn worked at a small private school in Georgia. He worked there for eleven years as a math teacher and boys' football and basketball coach. His parents were surprised when he called them one November and told them he'd decided to leave his job effective immediately. He never explained the reasons for his abrupt departure, but he quickly set about looking for another teaching job in the area.

He worked as a substitute teacher in the county school system during that school year while he looked for a new permanent teaching job. By spring, he hadn't gotten any acceptable offers, and he was about to give up on teaching and look for other career options. He called to discuss it with his parents, who told him his alma mater was hiring. Vaughn jumped at the chance to return to Mississippi, and he started teaching at Yoknaptawpha High School the next fall.

In the ten years since, Vaughn has been promoted to assistant principal at YHS and also is an assistant coach for the boys' basketball and football teams. He's also responsible for enforcing all the student codes of conduct, including the honor and dress codes. However, he's not known as a strict disciplinarian, so he's popular with the students, especially the athletes.


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