Tim is considered generally amiable though he's known to have a temper

Tim Howorth bio

Timothy James Lawrence was born April 14, 2000, to Nancy and Michael Lawrence. When Tim was three years old, his father died in an industrial accident. Four years later, his mother met Josh Howorth, a loan officer for the local Southbank branch. They were married when Tim was eight years old, and Tim officially changed his name to Howorth after his 15th birthday.

Tim is a star football player. During his freshman and sophomore years, he was the reserve quarterback. He won the starting quarterback spot for his junior season and nearly brought his team to the state championship in 2017. As the starting quarterback again this season, he plans to take his team all the way this time.

Though his teammates respect Tim's success on the field, he isn't especially well-liked among the other players. They're wary of his usual soft-spoken manner because they've seen his outbursts of rage both on and off the field. During his freshman year, a group of seniors attempted to trap Tim in the gym's retractable bleachers as a prank. He lashed out, breaking two noses, four fingers, and one rib in his efforts to escape the situation. No charges were filed, but the incident led to brief suspensions from school for all involved.

More recently, Tim got into a shouting match with another customer at a local convenience store. His girlfriend, Katy Brown, was heading for the store in her cheerleading uniform when a man at the next pump made an obscene comment about her. Tim accosted the man, berating him for his inappropriate suggestion. The men were still screaming at each other when the police arrived, but the officers managed to defuse the situation without taking anyone into custody.

Despite these occasional flare-ups, his classmates consider him generally likable, and he's firmly cemented as a member of the popular crowd at Yoknapatawpha High School. Academically, he's an unremarkable student but maintains a respectable B average. He hopes to keep playing football in college, ideally at a top SEC school, but he doesn't anticipate continuing with the sport at the professional level because his real passion lies elsewhere.

When he's not at football practice or in the weight room, Tim is frequently drawing. In the last few years, his sketches have often depicted dark scenes of violence and isolation, which concerned his sophomore art teacher enough that she sent samples of his work to the school counselor. The counselor met with Tim and decided he was just acting out and there was no need to worry unless the drawings or his behavior escalated.

The school notified Tim's parents of the counselor's assessment, but they weren't particularly troubled by it. His mother feels art is simply Tim's way of expressing the angst common in teenage boys, and to make him stop or change what he draws would be stifling his creativity at a time it should be nurtured. His stepfather would rather see Tim's anger played out on the football field.


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