The detectives asked Katy's supervisor at the library to come in for few questions

David Lane

Monday, August 27, 2018 – 10:45 a.m.

David Lane was Katy Brown's supervisor at her job at the local library.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • David Lane

Detective Murphy: Good morning, and thank you for coming in.

David Lane: Good morning. I guess you want to talk about Katy?

Detective Murphy: We'll discuss that in a bit, right now we need your name and address for our records.

David Lane. David Lane, 223 Parkview Drive, Oxford Mississippi.

Detective Murphy: Mr. Lane, could you tell us about Katy's relationships with her co-workers?

David Lane: Katy was wonderful to have around. She had a true love for books and knew a lot about authors. That's one of the reasons she was hired.

Detective Armstrong: That's interesting, Mr. Lane, but we'd like to know how Katy got along at work. Is there anyone who may have wanted to harm Katy?

David Lane: Katy got along well with everyone. She was easygoing, the kind of person that people like to talk to. We usually don't employ many teenagers, just mostly older people, but Katy showed a fondness for books that most teens don't have.

Det Murphy: Did anyone resent her?

David Lane: Well, there is one thing I remember, but it doesn't have to do with work.

Detective Armstrong: It doesn't have to be work-related. Tell us about it.

David Lane: I was reshelving some books when I overheard Katy on her cell phone. I didn't mean to eavesdrop.

Detective Armstrong: And?

David Lane: She was talking about how Jennifer and Wanda were mad at her. Katy couldn't understand why they didn't like her anymore. That's what I mostly heard, and it struck me. I can't imagine anyone not liking Katy.

Detective Armstrong: When was this?

David Lane: Oh, gosh, I'm not sure. Within the last few weeks, I'd say.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know who she was talking to?

David Lane: No, I didn't hear her say the person's name.

Detective Armstrong: Did she mention anything else about Jennifer or Wanda?

David Lane: No, I guess the conversation turned to music because I recognized some of the bands she mentioned.

Detective Murphy: How did you get along with Katy?

David Lane: Katy and I got along very well. We had a lot in common despite our age difference. She was such a sweet and wonderful person to have around. Katy and I would discuss what books we'd read, what we would like to read and how we felt about a certain book. I looked forward to having Katy coming in, but then….

Detective Murphy: But then what, Mr. Lane?

David Lane: I would always call Katy to ask her if she needed a few extra hours to earn some cash, but lately she stopped taking them and said couldn't come in.

Detective Murphy: She didn't want the hours?

David Lane: I really don't know. I would call her, but she'd tell me her mom wanted her or she had things to do. She didn't seem to have time to talk.

Detective Murphy: Did something happen between the two of you? Did you have a disagreement or anything?

David Lane: No, nothing like that. I can't explain it.

Detective Armstrong: Is there anything else you think we need to know?

David Lane: No, not really. Is there anything else you need from me right now? Today is really going to be nuts at the library.

Detective Armstrong: No, Mr. Lane that's about it for now. We'd like to thank you for coming in to talk to us.

David Lane: You're welcome.

Detective Armstrong: We may need to talk to you again later if more questions come up. Will that be a problem?

David Lane: No, of course not. Whoever did this to such a beautiful and sweet person needs to pay for it.

Interview ended – 11:01 a.m.

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