Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 004343-25H-2018
Case Description: Katherine Brown death investigation

CSU provided a preliminary inventory of items taken into evidence from the Katherine Brown homicide scene.

  • 004343-01: One (1) gym bag
    • One (1) white T-shirt
    • One (1) pair of pink shorts
    • One (1) pair of pink panties
    • One (1) pair of yellow flip-flops
    • Two (2) Pom-pons
    • One (1) wallet
    • One (1) small bottle of shampoo
    • One (1) small bottle of conditioner
    • One (1) small bottle of body wash
    • One (1) towel
    • One (1) brush
    • One (1) comb
    • Three (3) tampons
    • assorted make-up items
  • 004343-02: One (1) cell phone
  • 004343-03 through 004343-05: Three (3) blond hairs, 2 cm
  • 004343-06: One (1) contact lens
  • 004343-07: One (1) open cigarette package, six (6) cigarettes remaining
  • 004343-08: One (1) cigarette butt with reddish stain on filter end.

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everything valuable was left there. This evidence could rule out any homeless people in the area. They didn't want anything from Kathy. Who every killed Kathy did this will full intentions and nothing but pure hatred in their heart.

  Angel Jones
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I believe so far we've only met one person with blonde hair (Jennifer), as for the reddish stain, could be blood, but most likely lipstick.

  Tania Rivera
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