Dr. Pace's email contacts


Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. T. Armstrong
Incident No.: 005064-10J-2022
Case Description: Kimberly Pace death investigation

Investigators have tracked down the following information on the people who corresponded with Kimberly Pace by email, as seen in her emails. This information was gathered through contact with the various ISPs and telephone interviews with the correspondents themselves.


Email addressIdentityRelationship to Kimberly Pace
jconrad@***********.net John Conrad
Graduate Student
University of Mississippi
Former student of Kimberly Pace. Now enrolled in graduate school working on a master's degree in Southern Studies. Often socialized with the victim.
jneuhiesl@*******.edu Dr. Joseph Neuhiesl
Professor of English
University of Mississippi
Colleague of the Kimberly Pace on the Ole Miss faculty. He developed a mentor relationship with her, and she often sought his advice on teaching, departmental issues, publishing, and career matters.
mixmaster@***.com David McInerney
Sequoia Restaurant
Attended graduate school with Kimberly Pace. After obtaining a master's degree in English, he left the academic world because of his distaste for department politics. He moved to Washington, D.C. where he eventually got a job as a bartender at the popular upscale restaurant Sequoia in Georgetown. He stayed in touch with the victim through email and often discussed relationships.
njohanson@*******.edu Naomi Johanson
Associate Professor of English
University of Mississippi
Friend and colleague of Kimberly Pace. Often discussed departmental issues and other work-related topics.
sjohnson@***********.com Stephen Johnson
Investment Broker
Merrill Lynch
High school friend of Kimberly Pace. Often corresponded via email about a variety of topics. He often sought the victim's advice about romantic relationships while she usually sought his advice on investments and other personal finance matters.
spearson@**********.edu Sandra Pearson
Associate Professor of English
Vanderbilt University
Colleague of Kimberly Pace. First met the victim at a conference while they were both Ph.D. students. While she only was in the physical company of the victim at different English conferences, Pearson and Kimberly Pace often communicated via email. Most of the conversations revolved around academic politics, career issues, students and their experiences as young English professors.



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