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Carla Brogan bio

Carla Brogan was born December 7, 1994, in Jackson, Mississippi, to John and Marguerite Brogan. Her older brother, Doug, was stabbed to death in a 2016 mugging in Dallas, Texas.

The Brogans moved to Oxford when Carla was four, and she lived there until she graduated from high school in 2013.

Carla was Melanie Daniels' best friend from the time the two of them were young girls. The two of them took dance classes together and were in most of the same classes in school.

They had planned to attend college together, but near the end of their junior year, Melanie disappeared, reportedly to marry a soldier with whom she may have conceived a child. Carla never heard from Melanie after that.

Carla went to school at Mississippi State University in Starkville, where she studied sociology. Unsatisfied with career prospects in that field, she began working for a local caterer and became proficient in food preparation. She dropped out of the university in 2016, shortly before her brother's death.

Carla was helped in overcoming the tragedy of losing her brother when she met and fell in love with Terry Greenlee, an agriculture student at Mississippi State. After Terry graduated in 2018, the two moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and Carla opened her own catering business, The Magnolia Gourmet. Carla and Ted have plans to marry in the summer of 2020.



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