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Minor witness's identity protected

Melissa Bridges was born on June 1, 2007, in Jackson, Mississippi, to Charles and Beverly Bridges.

After living in Canton, Mississippi, for five years, she moved with her family to Taylor, Mississippi, where her father manages the Beary Cotton Gin.

Melissa has two brothers, Lance, 15, and Lester, 18.

Melissa is a 6th grader at Yoknapatawpha Elementary School. Her interests include reading, cooking, hunting, fishing, and softball. Every summer, she attends Camp Heartsend in Alabama, and she hopes to be a counselor there someday.

After graduating from high school, Melissa plans to attend the University of Mississippi and study English. She would like to teach at Ole Miss after earning her degree.

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Could her elder brothers be the ones that spray painted the cows? Their father manages a gin beary?

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