Oxford EAGLE
Monday, December 12, 2011

Teen Murdered in Oxford

By Kelly Shackleton
Staff Writer

Police are investigating the murder of Katie Masters, age 17, who was found murdered in a convenience store bathroom near the new Oxford Skate Park.

Masters, 17, was discovered dead Sunday evening after Oxford resident Rosalie Hansen appealed to the station attendant to open the restroom door, which had been marked as out of order.

Hansen and Kangaroo Express worker Jimmy John Carnes discovered the body of young Katie Masters in a pool of blood surrounded by lit candles. It is unknown how long the body may have lain dead in the bathroom before being discovered.

According to the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department, Masters is believed to have been skating at the nearby Skate Park when she went to the store to purchase a snack of Funyuns. No suspects have been identified and no arrests had been made to date. Detectives are canvassing the skate park and have asked any skaters from the park that day to come forward.

In an interview with Oxford's Action 12 news, Corrie Townsend, the victim's best friend, described Katie as “full of life with an infectious smile that would light up any room” and said she was sure her friend left physical evidence on her killer.

“Katie's a fighter and a very tough person, so whoever did this to her definitely has marks on their body,” said Townsend.

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