Thursday, December 15, 2011 - 4:15 p.m.

Detective Armstrong and Detective Murphy of the Yoknapatawpha Sheriff's Department interviewed the witness, who is the victim's best friend. The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha Sheriff's Department and recorded on a portable tape recorder with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective Ted Armstrong
  • Detective Samantha Murphy
  • Corrie Townsend

Detective Murphy: Please state your name and address.

Corrie Townsend: Corrie Townsend. I live at 142 Colonial Road.

Detective Murphy: We've asked you here to go back over the events of the day you spent with Katie Masters, and we are also going to ask you some personal questions about Katie's life and yours.

Corrie Townsend: OK. I'll do anything I can to help find who killed her. She was so full of life, and we had big plans for our futures.

Detective Murphy: Corrie, now that you've had a few days to think, can you think of anyone who would have wanted to see Katie dead?

Corrie Townsend: In all of Oxford, to my knowledge, there is only one person who even disliked her: Emily Rivers.

Detective Armstrong: Enough to kill her?

Corrie Townsend: I don't think so. See, Emily was in love with Bobby, but Robby was all about Katie.

Detective Murphy: What about Bobby? You did say he was acting odd that day.

Corrie Townsend: Bobby couldn't have done it even if he wanted to. He wouldn't even hunt because he thought "Thou shall not kill" meant exactly what it said.

Detective Armstrong: So, Bobby was religious?

Corrie Townsend: Very! That's why they broke up. Katie wanted to have sex, but Bobby is one of those virginity pledge kids who aren't going to have sex until they're married. I mean, he has one of those purity rings and everything. Katie thought she could change his mind, but eventually she got tired of waiting and dumped him.

Detective Murphy: You said that when Katie didn't return to the Coin Laundry, you thought that she went to party with the boys from the skate park. You said that one of the boys called her names and made a threat. Why is it that you weren't worried about her?

Corrie Townsend: Katie is street smart. She can take care of herself. Well, she always could before that day. I don't get how anyone could have done that to her. She would have fought like a wildcat and screamed her head off. How come no one saw or heard her?

Detective Murphy: That's what we are trying to figure out, Corrie. Did Katie have her cell phone with her when she left the Coin Laundry?

Corrie Townsend: Her battery was almost dead, but I saw her put it in her shirt pocket. Didn't you find it on her body?

Detective Murphy: No we didn't. What was her number and can you describe the phone?

Corrie Townsend: Her number is 236-XXXX, and it was a pink flip phone. I don't know what kind.

Detective Armstrong: Tell us about the man you hid from at the library. What did he look like?

Corrie Townsend: He was clean cut with dark skin. He was big and creepy. One of his eyes didn't move right. I never knew which eye to look at.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know what church he attended?

Corrie Townsend: He never mentioned the name of his church but we joked that it was probably in his basement or something.

Detective Armstrong: What do you mean by big? Was he fat?

Corrie Townsend: No, he was skinny. He was like a basketball player, all knobby.

Detective Armstrong: You were the last person to see her alive. Did you kill her?

Corrie Townsend: Me? No way. She's my best friend. I loved her.

Detective Armstrong: Were you in love with her?

Corrie Townsend: It wasn't like that. It was never like that. We were just friends.

Detective Armstrong: We know that Katie was bisexual, Corrie.

Corrie Townsend: Yes, But I'm straight, and she respected that.

Detective Armstrong: Were you jealous of the boys in her life?

Corrie Townsend: Sometimes. Of course I was. She was like a dude magnet, and I admit I envied that.

Detective Armstrong: Did you ever fight over boys?

Corrie Townsend: Yep, we sure did. There was a time or two when she hooked up with guys I liked, and it upset me.

Detective Murphy: Were you upset with her the day she died? Did you argue before she left the Coin Laundry?

Corrie Townsend: No.

Detective Murphy: Do you have any thoughts on who might have killed your friend?

Corrie Townsend: When I first heard that she was found at the Kangaroo Express, I thought of Jimmy.

Detective Murphy: Why is that?

Corrie Townsend: Katie knew that he had a crush on her, so every chance she got to make him squirm she jumped on. For instance, when her and Bobby would go in there together, she would kiss Bobby in front of Jimmy. Then when Bobby turned away, she would wink at Jimmy and lick her lips. She really teased him a lot. I felt so sorry for him; he was a big time blusher. I thought maybe this time she went too far and he snapped.

Detective Murphy: I thought most people these days had inline skates. Why did Katie have on roller skates?

Corrie Townsend: Her inline skates broke and her dad said the glue wasn't dry yet, so she took the rollers.

Detective Murphy: There wasn't any money on Katie. How was she going to purchase the snacks?

Corrie Townsend: Her purse was still in my car, but she always had cash on her in her cell phone. She would fold up a $5 or $10 and close it in her cell phone.

Detective Armstrong: Thank you for your time. We appreciate it.

Corrie Townsend: You're welcome. I hope you find her killer.

Interview ends: 4:45 p.m.

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