Hair Loss Interview: Follow-up with Jimmy Carnes

Thursday, December 15, 2011 - 3:20 p.m.

The interview was conducted at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department by Detectives Murphy and Armstrong. The interview was recorded with the witness' knowledge and consent.


  • Detective Ted Armstrong
  • Detective Samantha Murphy
  • Jimmy Carnes

Detective Murphy: Right this way, Johnny. Take the same seat that you had the last time you were here.

Jimmy Carnes: Thanks.

Detective Murphy: Please state your full name and address for the record.

Jimmy Carnes: My name Johnny Ray Clark and I still live in my trailer on lot 66 at the Wheel Estates, on 913 South 18th St. I've lived with my grandparents most of my life, but I moved into town last year. Can't say I like it much.

Detective Armstrong: We'd like to ask a few more questions. Are you sure that you never spoke with Katie? Didn't she flirt quite openly with you?

Jimmy Carnes: No, I didn't talk to her, but yes, she did flirt a lot. Her and another girl came to the station a lot. Sometimes, just to buy gas and sometimes to get chips. Anytime she got out of the car, she flirted with anyone around, not just me.

Detective Armstrong: You tried to get her to go out with you, didn't you? What did she say to that?

Jimmy Carnes: No! I'm no fool. I knew she'd never go out with a farm boy like me. That by itself would've stopped her, but add to it the fact that I working at a gas station and that would have been the clincher. She thought she was too good for the likes of me. I was tempted to tell her to stop flirting because I wasn't interested, but I didn't.

Detective Armstrong: Now, come on, Jimmy. You and I both know you couldn't resist asking her out.

Jimmy Carnes: I thought about asking her to go to church with me once, but I never did get up the nerve to do it. I didn't want to deal with being laughed at.

Detective Armstrong: Are you sure you never saw her wearing skates before the evening you found her in the restroom?

Jimmy Carnes: No, she never wore skates in the store before that night. I would have noticed.

Detective Armstrong: What about the missing key? Are you telling us that you never missed the key until Rosalie Hansen brought it to your attention?

Jimmy Carnes: I never noticed the key being gone until then.

Detective Armstrong: So, did you put the Out of Order sign on the restroom door?

Jimmy Carnes: No, I didn't put that sign up. Do you know how much people complain when the restroom is closed?

Detective Armstrong: Did Katie make you mad enough to show her that you wouldn't take any more laughter from her?

Jimmy Carnes: What are you saying? I was never mad at her. Never! I thought she was beautiful. She acted trashy, but I knew she really wasn't.

Detective Armstrong: What did she say to you when she flirted?

Jimmy Carnes: Nothing. But her girlfriend didn't like it. I could hear them arguing about it one time. Her friend told her to stop flirting with me, and Katie told her to shut up.

Detective Armstrong: Did she stop flirting?

Jimmy Carnes: No, she still flirted every time she stopped for gas. They were still arguing when they got in the car one day, as they drove away.

Detective Murphy: About the stranger you saw earlier in the evening, have you remembered anything since we last spoke?

Jimmy Carnes: No, only that he was hurrying like he was in a rush. I have to get to work or I'll lose my job.

Detective Murphy: All right. We may need to talk again. Don't make any plans to leave town.

Interview ends 3:38 p.m.

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