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Information for Detectives

Mallory Benson interview

Detective Murphy spoke to Zoe's friend and fellow writer, Mallory.

Mallory Benson bio

A founding member of the Oxford Writers Circle, Mallory has published several books to modest success.

Peggy LeClaire interview

Detective Armstrong asked Peggy about her business and personal relationships with Zoe.

Peggy LeClaire bio

Peggy grew up in Michigan and moved to Oxford after college.

Jack Swanson interview

Detective Armstrong ran into Jack at Zoe's house.

Jack Swanson bio

Jack caught the acting bug in high school and pursued it in college and beyond.

Evidence inventory - Chase residence

The detectives took some items into evidence from Zoe's house.

Columnist slain

The Crime Beat reports: OWP columnist Zoe Chase killed in possible carjacking

Information for Officers

Shirley Harris interview

Detective Armstrong spoke to a witness in a potentially related incident.

Incident report

A fellow officer notified Detectives Armstrong and Murphy about a potentially related incident.

Beau Jenkins interview

The detectives talked to the young man who found Zoe's body.

Beau Jenkins bio

Outside of school and work, Beau studies true crime and is active in his church.

Zoe Chase bio

Zoe worked in publishing in New York before she became a columnist in Oxford.

Incident report

Emergency Services received a 911 call reporting a body on a roadside in eastern Yoknapatawpha County.


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