Suspect #1 interview

Jimmy Barton came in for a third interview in response to a request from Detectives Murphy and Parker. 

The detectives re-interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022 – 9:30 a.m.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Jimmy Barton

Detective Murphy: And number five, "You can decide at any time to exercise these rights and not answer any questions or make any statements." And please sign it. Thanks.

Jimmy Barton: Why did I have to sign that form? I didn't have to do that last time.

Detective Murphy: It's standard procedure at this stage of the investigation, Jimmy, for us to get people to sign a Miranda waiver.

Jimmy Barton: Whatever. What could you possibly want with me now? You searched my apartment, terrorized my mother. I can't just keep coming back here just because you haven't figured out who to arrest yet.

Detective Parker: Oh, don't worry. This'll be the last time. We're getting really close.

Jimmy Barton: Oh yeah? Anyone I know?

Detective Parker: Oh yes, quite well, actually. We have officers on their way right now to arrest your mother.

Jimmy Barton: What? My mother wouldn't hurt a fly! Are you out of your mind?

Detective Murphy: There's no question she was involved, Jimmy. Oscar Knight was dismembered in her garage.

Jimmy Barton: That's not true. You're just trying to trick me.

Detective Murphy: We found his head and hands in her freezer.

Jimmy Barton: I don't believe you. I need to call Mother right now.

Detective Parker: Not right now, Jimmy. First, let's talk about what we found in your mother's house.

Jimmy Barton: What did you say you found?

Detective Parker: Don't play dumb. You heard what Detective Murphy said. How did Oscar Knight's head and hands end up in your mother's freezer if she had nothing to do with it?

Jimmy Barton: I don't know.

Detective Murphy: That's too bad. I guess your mother killed him all by herself.

Jimmy Barton: No, she didn't do it. All right, I did it! All right? It was me. I confess. I did it. But that man deserved to die. Mother did nothing.

Detective Parker: Explain.

Jimmy Barton: When I went to see Mother after the reunion, I found out the truth about that bastard.

Detective Parker: And what was that?

Jimmy Barton: I can't say it.

Detective Murphy: Fine. I guess your mom goes down for this alone.

Jimmy Barton: He was my father, okay? Mother told me that night. She never wanted me to know, but that bastard was threatening to tell me himself, and she didn't want me to hear it from him.

Detective Murphy: Jimmy, that sounds like a great motive for your mom, not you.

Jimmy Barton: Don't you understand? He came here just to humiliate Mother. He used her and got her pregnant, and then dumped her. He called her a liar and told her anyone could have gotten her pregnant. And then he left town, and he never spoke to her again.

Detective Murphy: I can see how upsetting that would be, but Jimmy, that was 40-plus years ago. So what?

Jimmy Barton: So what! So he abandoned my mother all those years ago, and now he's going to come back and embarrass her in front of everyone? And humiliate my real father, Joe Barton, the man who loved my mother and married her in spite of what that bastard did to her and raised me like his own, who isn't here to defend himself now or us? And I'm just supposed to let him do that?

Detective Parker: You wanted to stop him.

Jimmy Barton: Damn right, I did.

Detective Parker: What did you do?

Jimmy Barton: I went to talk to him to tell him that he couldn't do that to us.

Detective Parker: What did he say?

Jimmy Barton: He laughed at me. He told me he could do whatever he wanted, and there was nothing that I could do about it.

Detective Murphy: Guess he was wrong.

Jimmy Barton: Yeah, I guess so.

Detective Murphy: Did he say why he wanted to tell everyone that he was your father?

Jimmy Barton: Who cares! What, you think if he had a good reason, that would've made it okay?

Detective Parker: All right, so he said there was nothing that you could do about it. Then what?

Jimmy Barton: Then he shoved me and told me to get out of his room. Then he turned his back on me like I was nothing.

Detective Parker: He shouldn't have done that.

Jimmy Barton: No, he shouldn't have.

Detective Parker: And that's when you zapped him with the stun gun.

Jimmy Barton: Yeah.

Detective Parker: How many times?

Jimmy Barton: I don't know. A couple.

Detective Murphy: How about eleven times?

Jimmy Barton: He made me really mad.

Detective Murphy: Apparently.

Detective Parker: After you took him down with the stun gun, then what?

Jimmy Barton: You know what happened after that.

Detective Murphy: He didn't lose all that blood in the motel room because of the stun gun. His thumb was not cut off by the stun gun. Tell us what happened.

Jimmy Barton: He woke up and came after me, and so I had to hit him.

Detective Murphy: You had to hit him with the carpenter's hatchet we found in your truck.

Jimmy Barton: Yeah.

Detective Murphy: So why is it you had to have a carpenter's hatchet with you in the motel room?

Jimmy Barton: I had to protect myself.

Detective Murphy: I thought that's what the stun gun was for.

Jimmy Barton: I didn't know if it would be enough. It wasn't.

Detective Parker: So then what? You took the body back to your mother's to chop it up?

Jimmy Barton: Yeah.

Detective Murphy: Why? Why not leave it there? Why get her involved at all?

Jimmy Barton: Mother was not involved.

Detective Murphy: She's involved, Jimmy. Make no mistake.

Jimmy Barton: She had nothing to do with it.

Detective Parker: Jimmy, how did you get the body out of the motel room without getting blood everywhere and without anyone seeing?

Jimmy Barton: I waited until it was quiet. Then I used some things that I had in my truck to move it.

Detective Parker: Why did you take the body to your mother's place to chop it up? Why didn't you just dump it?

Jimmy Barton: I just wanted it to disappear forever. I thought that way, no one would find it, and then if somebody did find it, it would be harder to identify.

Detective Murphy: Great plan. Too bad you left the thumb in the motel room.

Jimmy Barton: That was an accident.

Detective Murphy: Like you accidentally left his head and hands in your mother's freezer?

Jimmy Barton: Yes, that's right. I did that. That was me. I did it. Mother had nothing to do with it, so you have to let her go.

Detective Murphy: That's not how it works. James Barton, you're under arrest for the murder of Oscar Knight. And so is your mother.

Jimmy Barton: No! That's not right! No, Mother didn't have anything to do with it, okay? I did it. Mother didn't.

Detective Murphy: That's how it is, Jimmy.

Jimmy Barton: No, that's not right.

Interview ended – 10:10 a.m.


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