warrant-brandtDetectives Armstrong and Murphy obtained a search warrant for the Brandt residence and property. The warrant was executed on Monday, April 30, 2012.

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  msdetective — I was wondering why thats all the evidence they took...
  rimamaria — that blue sheet with wrestling design i wonder if it matche......

cell-Ronald-BrandtYCSD investigators have obtained call records for Ronald Brandt's cell phone during the period of March 5-19, 2012.

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  coralieblues — Who is Gordon Snyder?...

cell-Heather-BrandtYCSD investigators have obtained call records for Heather Brandt's cell phone during the period of March 5-19, 2012.

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  duckiegirl12 — So on the 10th(day of the match), Emergency services were ca......
  coralieblues — Why did Heather Brandt call Mason York on March 10th 2012? S......

Clay Reconstruction

A forensic sculptor has reconstructed the facial features of the skull RJ Brandt brought to school.

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  sherriD — it also looks to be a lot older then reported....
  sherriD — There is no mistake about the reconstruction of the skull. T......

coroner-reportThe Yoknapatawpha County Coroner's Office examined the skull RJ Brandt brought to school to determine if it's human and learn any other information.

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  jinpark — I want to see the occipital part of the skull haha although ......
  jacy — When will we get the soil analysis? I would like to know if......

incident-reportYCSD received a non-emergency call notifying them that an Oxford Middle School student had brought a skull, allegedly of a human female child, to the school.

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  msdetective — And I would also ask as to why he particularly picked that s......
  krinderhagen — The studies also showed that an effective way of removing PC......


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