The Kudzu Kids – Emma, Zach, Melody, Rachel

Kudzu Kids: Pooch Sleuths case recap

What's happened so far in the Kudzu Kids: Pooch Sleuths case?

Kudzu Kids: Pooch Sleuths

Kudzu Kids: Pooch Sleuths

The Kudzu Kids are trying to find out why so many dogs have been reported missing lately.

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All case files are listed here chronologically.


  • William Lamar bio

    William Lamar bio

    Excerpt: "[Dr. Lamar] carries the hippie spirit of…"
  • Becky Young bio

    Becky Young bio

    Excerpt: "[Becky has] always been super supportive of David but realizes that he…"
  • David Young bio

    David Young bio

    Excerpt: "His neighbors may call him paranoid, but [David] considers himself…"
  • Newton Young bio

    Newton Young bio

    Excerpt: "[Newton] was only a puppy when he was found abandoned in the…"
  • Ophelia Rickard bio

    Ophelia Rickard bio

    Excerpt: "Fearing that Ophelia would become completely housebound, her parents…"
  • Lucky Rickard bio

    Lucky Rickard bio

    Excerpt: "Ever since [Lucky] woke up in the hospital, life has been…"
  • Quinn Preston bio

    Quinn Preston bio

    Excerpt: "[Quinn] tolerates a lot being married to Vince. Yes, she loves him, but…"
  • Vince Preston bio

    Vince Preston bio

    Excerpt: "Even though he’s married, [Vince] shamelessly…"
  • Lois Preston bio

    Lois Preston bio

    Excerpt: "If a dog could be considered royalty, [Lois] would be it."
  • Ignatius Hamblett bio

    Ignatius Hamblett bio

    Excerpt: "Ignatius developed behavioral problems that led him to…"
  • Sally Hamblett bio

    Sally Hamblett bio

    Excerpt: "[Sally] assumed things would improve after they…"
  • Tony Hamblett bio

    Tony Hamblett bio

    Excerpt: "Even the optimistic and tail-wagging Tony recognizes an enemy in…"
  • George Donnelly bio

    George Donnelly bio

    Excerpt: "He was reeling […], but he had to take action, so he…"
  • Bolt Donnelly bio

    Bolt Donnelly bio

    Excerpt: "At first, he whimpered and whined incessantly, but Bolt won Linda’s heart when…"
  • Kiki Wilson bio

    Kiki Wilson bio

    Excerpt: "While visiting Ivy League universities with her parents, Kiki discovered that her father was losing his…"
  • Lawrence Wilson bio

    Lawrence Wilson bio

    Excerpt: "[His parents] wanted to travel the world unencumbered, so Lawrence Jr. was…"
  • Taz Wilson bio

    Taz Wilson bio

    Excerpt: "Due to neglect and lack of training, as well as his natural hyperactivity, Taz was…"
  • Franklin Guyton bio

    Franklin Guyton bio

    Excerpt: "[Franklin's] wife, Cindy, recently left him after thirty years of marriage because…"
  • Champ Guyton bio

    Champ Guyton bio

    Excerpt: "[Champ] has a bounce in his step and an eagerness to share his…"
  • Andy Osborne bio

    Andy Osborne bio

    Excerpt: "Andy wasn't happy about her decision but decided to…"
  • Charlene Osborne bio

    Charlene Osborne bio

    Excerpt: "[Charlene] would remain independent, whatever happened."
  • Butch Osborne bio

    Butch Osborne bio

    Excerpt: "Butch sensed that this time would be…"
  • Joey Sims bio

    Joey Sims bio

    Excerpt: "All [Joey] has to do to make his California dream a reality is…"
  • Naomi Temple bio

    Naomi Temple bio

    Excerpt: "[Naomi has] been disappointed more often than she'll admit when…"
  • Riley Scott bio

    Riley Scott bio

    Excerpt: [Riley] was not prepared for the financial hardship […] and was forced to…
  • Zina Jacinto bio

    Zina Jacinto bio

    Excerpt: "[Zina] developed a reputation of "crying wolf" and eventually…"
  • Who are the Kudzu Kids?

    Who are the Kudzu Kids?

    Get to know the Kudzu Kids.


December 04, 2016

Perfecting the scene

The Kudzu Kids actors worked hard to bring these characters to life

December 04, 2016

Developing the characters

How did the Kudzu Kids get into character?

December 04, 2016

Crime Scene 360 presents Filming Zina

Behind the scenes with the Kudzu Kids and Zina Jacinto

December 04, 2016

Crime Scene 360 presents Filming Naomi

Behind the scenes with the Kudzu Kids and Naomi Tenple

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