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Brenda Ledbetter interview

Sunday, May 12, 2024 – 3:05 p.m.

Brenda Ledbetter is Jasmine Ledbetter's mother.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department after she identified her daughter's body.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Brenda Ledbetter

Detective Murphy: Thank you for speaking with us today, Ms. Ledbetter. We're very sorry for your loss. I know it's very difficult to lose a loved one. We just have a few questions for you.

Brenda Ledbetter: Thank you. I'll try to help if I can.

Detective Murphy: First off, for the record, please state your name and address.

Brenda Ledbetter: My name is Brenda Ledbetter, and I live at 17 Van Buren Avenue here in Oxford.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. Now, can you tell me when you last saw your daughter?

Brenda Ledbetter: I saw her yesterday at home. I left to run some errands, and she was by the door, waiting for a ride to a job interview. I never thought that would be the last time I…

Detective Murphy: Ms. Ledbetter, do you need a minute to compose yourself?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, no. I'm fine. Go ahead.

Detective Murphy: Okay. So Jasmine was waiting on a ride to a job interview. Who was going to give her a ride?

Brenda Ledbetter: It was a man named Scott, Scott Knapp. He was the one interviewing her for a job.

Detective Armstrong: What does this Scott Knapp do? What kind of job was Jasmine interviewing for?

Brenda Ledbetter: I really don't know. She didn't tell me. She just said he worked out of his home. I had planned to ask her again later.

Detective Murphy: So the last time you saw Jasmine was before you left to run errands?

Brenda Ledbetter: Yes, I didn't see her again after that.

Detective Murphy: And about what time was that?

Brenda Ledbetter: I'm not sure. I think it was around 6:00 p.m. when I left.

Detective Murphy: What time was her interview?

Brenda Ledbetter: 6:30 p.m.?

Detective Armstrong: You weren't expecting her home later, after the interview?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, she said she was going to stay with a friend overnight. Her friend was going to pick her up from the interview, so she wasn't home that night. I should've told her to come home. This never would have happened.

Detective Armstrong: Can you tell us who the friend she was going to stay with is?

Brenda Ledbetter: Her name is Megan McDowell. They've been best friends for a long time.

Detective Murphy: So, Ms. McDowell was going to pick Jasmine up from Scott Knapp's home office after the interview and take Jasmine to her house for the night?

Brenda Ledbetter: Yes, that's what she told me.

Detective Armstrong: Was Jasmine acting any different than usual? Did it seem like something was bothering her?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, she was acting okay. I think she may have had an argument with her boyfriend, but she didn't really let it get to her. She was a very strong person.

Detective Murphy: What is her boyfriend's name?

Brenda Ledbetter: Christopher Wooten. They've been dating for a while, but I really don't like him. I guess Jasmine did, though.

Detective Armstrong: Why don't you like Mr. Wooten?

Brenda Ledbetter: I just don't think he was the right man for my daughter. She needs to have standards and find a man who will really take care of her and a family.

Detective Armstrong: And you don't think Christopher Wooten could do that?

Brenda Ledbetter: I doubt it.

Detective Murphy: Did she call you at any time after the interview? Maybe to tell you how it went or just to say goodnight?

Brenda Ledbetter: I honestly can't remember right now. She called me a lot, so it's hard for me to say right now. My head is just so foggy. I think I'm just still in shock from all of this. I'm sure she probably did. She was good about that kind of thing.

Detective Armstrong: Let's go back to Scott Knapp for a minute. Why was he going to pick Jasmine up for the interview? That sounds a little funny to me—an employer picking up a potential employee.

Brenda Ledbetter: Well, she's between cars right now, so he offered.

Detective Armstrong: You didn't think that was unusual?

Brenda Ledbetter: I did a little, but Jasmine said he was just a nice man, and I shouldn't be so suspicious of everyone. She was so headstrong. She wouldn't listen to me.

Detective Murphy: Okay. Do you and your daughter live alone?

Brenda Ledbetter: Yes, we do. Her father and I divorced a couple of years ago.

Detective Armstrong: Do you know when Jasmine last saw her father?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, I don't. Jasmine didn't go around him much since he remarried. His new wife, let's just say she doesn't like Jasmine much.

Detective Armstrong: Why not?

Brenda Ledbetter: She's just jealous. I don't know.

Detective Murphy: Do you know who would've wanted to do this to your daughter?

Brenda Ledbetter: No, my daughter was a sweet angel, and she was kind to everyone. I can't imagine, even if someone disliked her, that they could do this to my baby. She was my angel. Please find out who did this to her!

Detective Murphy: That's what we plan to do, Ms. Ledbetter. Can you think of anything else that may be pertinent to our investigation?

Brenda Ledbetter: No. I don't know. I can barely think straight right now.

Detective Armstrong: Okay, thanks again for talking to us today. Here's our card. If you think of anything at all, please call us.

Detective Murphy: We're very sorry for your loss, Ms. Ledbetter.

Brenda Ledbetter: Thank you. Please find out who did this.

Detective Murphy: We'll do everything we can. We'll be in touch.

Brenda Ledbetter: Thank you.

Interview ended – 3:27 p.m.


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