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English department canvass

The detectives interviewed faculty and staff in the Ole Miss English department to learn more about Douglas Reed and his relationships at the university.

The interviews provided are some of the most typical or relevant to the investigation and are representative of all interviews conducted.

Erica Maxwell

Detective Parker: Good morning, Dr. Maxwell. My name is Detective Parker, and I wanted to ask you a few questions regarding Douglas Reed.

Dr. Maxwell: Oh yes, hello Detective. Ask away.

Detective Parker: First, can you please state your full name and job title for the record?

Dr. Maxwell: Erica Maxwell, Lecturer in the Department of English at Ole Miss.

Detective Parker: And how long have you been with Ole Miss?

Dr. Maxwell: Almost six years.

Detective Parker: Dr. Maxwell, how well did you know Mr. Reed?

Dr. Maxwell: Not too well, I'm afraid. I had only seen him a few times at faculty meetings and a few department social events.

Detective Parker: What was your overall impression of him?

Dr. Maxwell: Doug was a highly capable young man,and driven, perhaps overly ambitious.

Detective Parker: Why do you say that?

Dr. Maxwell: He made sure to befriend the people who could benefit him the most and ignored the rest. The higher-ups in the department, like Professor Wilson, were all fond of him.

Detective Parker: What about the rest of the faculty? What did others in the department think of Mr. Reed?

Dr. Maxwell: Well, I don't want to point fingers, but Carol Fitch, our department's senior secretary, wasn't one of his biggest supporters. My office is right next to the administrative workspace, and several times I overheard raised voices coming from Doug and Carol.

Detective Parker: Do you know anything about the nature of their arguments?

Dr. Maxwell: It sounded like they were arguing about Jill Osborne, Carol's assistant. Doug had a habit of berating Jill to the point of leaving her in tears. I think Carol was just trying to defend her co-worker.

Detective Parker: Dr. Maxwell, can you think of anyone else who may have had a bone to pick with Mr. Reed?

Dr. Maxwell: Despite his arrogance, I think most of the faculty — those he didn't try to win over — was indifferent to Doug. They didn't especially like or dislike him. Laurence… Bricker, that is, seemed to be the only one immune to Doug's charms.

Detective Parker: Why do you think he was immune?

Dr. Maxwell: Laurence has never had the patience for drama, and 90% of the department's rumors these days were somehow related to Doug's romantic affairs.

Detective Parker: What kind of rumors?

Dr. Maxwell: Doug definitely liked the ladies — most of them anyway — and they liked him. And they like to gossip about him and who he was seeing.

Detective Parker: Who was he seeing?

Dr. Maxwell: A professor in the business school whose name, I'm embarrassed to say, I don't recall. But she wasn't the only one. Some people thought he had something going with a woman from the conference center, but I don't know if that's true.

Detective Parker: I see. How would you characterize the nature of Mr. Reed's relationship to his students?

Dr. Maxwell: Fine, I suppose. There was no evidence to the contrary.

Detective Parker: To your knowledge, had Mr. Reed been romantically involved with any students?

Dr. Maxwell: There were rumors, but nothing that I could see. Doug had become rather notorious for his womanizing, although he was careful to keep those habits away from the department.

Detective Parker: Thank you for your time, Dr. Maxwell. You've been a great help. We'll be in touch if we have any more questions.

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Professor Wilson is surprisingly clueless. Maybe the stereo tpye of the Ivory Tower isn't that far off!

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