Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001292-20D-2017
Case Description: Frederick Miller death investigation

All detailed reports on file.

May 2, 2017


An additional 30 calls have been received. Of those calls, 17 were discounted as impossible. 13 of the calls were considered possible but unlikely.

Of the 13 possible but unlikely calls, alibi checks quickly ruled out the persons implicated.

Investigative action:

Follow up on any potentially viable tips.

Phone call

Paul Bragg called Detective Murphy to thank her and Detective Armstrong for their professionalism when they searched the Bragg house.

Mr. Bragg also apologized for his wife's rude behavior when she came home from volunteering at school and was surprised to find that her house was being searched. She cursed at both detectives and yelled at her husband, demanding to know how he could have let this happen.

Mr. Bragg told Detective Murphy that his wife's behavior had become more paranoid and erratic since the search. When Detective Murphy asked if he felt that he or his son was in any immediate danger, he said no. Detective Murphy told him if he did feel threatened to please call 911.

Investigative action:

Ask Patrol to increase drive-bys of the Bragg residence and watch for any signs of disturbance.

Phone call

Detective Murphy called the Crime Lab to see if digital media collected during the search of the Bragg residence (computer, digital camera, and memory cards) had been analyzed and if any pertinent images or other files were found. The lab responded that they should have results later in the week.

Investigative action:

None needed until the Crime Lab has processed the evidence collected.

Witness interviews

Five teenagers, all weekday regulars at Square Pizza were interviewed about conversations Greg Reis had overheard that seemed suspicious to him.

Brooklyn Danning substantiated the fact that both she and Colton were talking about crossbows and had joked around about killing Mr. Miller. All of these teens exhibited signs of social awkwardness, but Colton Masters showed the highest degree, laughing loudly at inappropriate moments.

All of these teenagers were forthcoming and honest in their answers. Greg Reis had misinterpreted their conversations, and they had nothing to do with the death of Frederick Miller. Detective Murphy and Detective Armstrong reminded the teens that not everyone is familiar with Comic Con and fantasy culture and to be careful when talking about things like crossbows in public.

Investigative action:

None needed.

Report filed 5/4/17, 5:30 p.m. by Det. T. Armstrong, 615, and Det. S. Murphy, 633

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