YCSD investigators re-interviewed the people who attended the Sewcial Compassion event at Faith and Glory Community Church on the evening of Thursday, April 20, 2017, in an effort to corroborate Stephanie Bragg's whereabouts at the time Frederick Miller was killed.

The witness statements provided below are in summary and not verbatim and are representative of all interviews conducted.


Bethann Aaronson
Age: 65
Faith and Glory Community Church member and choir member

When asked if she noticed anyone coming or going when she arrived after choir practice, Ms. Aaronson said that she didn't specifically remember seeing anyone in the hallway aside from other choir members who were also coming to the Sewcial Compassion event.

However, she noted that when she and the other choir members came in, people were up and about so it wouldn’t have been noticeable if anyone else arrived or left at that time.

Ms. Aaronson said she was replacing buttons on a dress shirt and chatting with friends when she heard the sirens. She and several others went to the lobby area and looked out the windows to find out if they could see what was happening. Ms. Aaronson couldn't say where Stephanie Bragg was at that moment, but she wasn't with them in the lobby.

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