Claire is a student at YHS, where Frederick Miller taught

Claire Rivas was born March 19, 2000, to her parents Sarah and Thomas Rivas in Oxford, Mississippi. Her mom works as a physical therapist, and her dad is a cardiologist. She is the only child in her family. She lives with them in a large house with a swimming pool outside of Oxford in a gated community called Timberlake.

Claire has always been an excellent student and is part of the honors program at Yoknapatawpha High School where she is a junior. She was a member of the cheerleading team but quit early in the school year.

Claire’s teachers report that at the beginning of the school year she was preppy and hung out with the popular kids. For whatever reason, she stopped hanging out with this clique and found a new group of friends who were goths. Her teachers remarked that even though she’s adopted the costume of all black clothing, her bubbly personality still shines through. Her grades are still all As, and she has never gotten into trouble.

Some of her classmates described Claire and her friends as posers. Students report that she drives a new Acura that her parents bought her and can often be seen driving around with some of her friends.

None of her teachers seemed concerned about Claire’s change of identity, and all suspect she’ll drop it as soon as she and her friends get bored with it.

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