On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 2, 2017, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed teenagers who are regulars at Square Pizza on weekday afternoons. Most of the teens are members of a board game club they call Boardumb's Army.

In an interview with the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department dated Monday, May 1, 2017, Greg Reis said he was at Square Pizza on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, and overheard some teenagers plotting to kill Frederick Miller.

With the help of Square Pizza employees, the detectives were able to identify and subsequently interview the teens to determine whether Mr. Reis' claim had any merit.

The witness statements provided below are in summary and not verbatim and are representative of all interviews conducted.


Brooklyn Danning
Age: 17
Boardumb's Army club member

Brooklynn said that on April 18th she and a couple of others left a boring game of Midgard to talk about the upcoming Mississipi Comic Con. She said both she and Colton had costumes with crossbows, and they were sharing ideas on how to build prop versions.

Brooklynn said Colton had pinned a few ideas on Pinterest and started talking about the accuracy of a shot with the various designs. Brooklynn said she laughed out loud about his macho attitude surrounding a prop crossbow.

Brooklynn said her laughter pushed Colton's buttons and he came back with some misogynistic comments and challenges about shooting a moving target. She ended the exchange by telling him that in that fantasy life he's living, he should challenge Merida, the Disney princess.

Brooklynn said she had tried archery, but it was boring, and she didn't like it. She said she never owned any actual equipment, and it was better to build your own props anyway because you could make them look a lot better than the real thing.

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