Friday, April 28, 2017

Accused teen killer released without charge

Not officially ruled out as a suspect in the slaying

Accused teen released

Teenage murder suspect Marc Huddleston was released today without being charged. Huddleston was arrested earlier this week in connection with the murder of his high school teacher, Frederick Miller.

Miller was shot with an arrow in the Faith and Glory Community Church parking lot on April 20. He died at the scene.

Authorities would not say whether champion archer Huddleston, who is reportedly dating the victim's daughter, could still face charges in the homicide.

"Although no charges are being brought at this time, the investigation is ongoing," said Public Information Officer Elizabeth Jones.

Jones would not comment on whether investigators are considering any other suspects but said they have not ruled anyone out, including Huddleston.

Community reaction to Huddleston's release has been mixed.

Those who stand by Huddleston's innocence are relieved that he is no longer being held.

"We're so happy that Marc is out now. Those detectives don't know what they're doing," said Scott Rice, Huddleston's friend and classmate.

Others are concerned that a killer may be going free.

"If the young man is innocent, no one can argue with his release," said Ben Morgan, president of Concerned Oxford Parents (COP). 

"But if he was involved in any way in Frederick Miller's murder," Morgan warned, "then releasing him was a grave error. We can only hope it doesn't result in the death of another innocent person."

A representative for the Miller family said they had no comment on Huddleston's release or the status of the investigation.

Check back for updates on this developing story.

By Kemper Jones at 2:23 PM

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