Following Marc Huddleston's April 24 interview, Detectives Armstrong and Murphy arranged to put him under surveillance from the time he left the sheriff's department that day. The surveilling officers kept a log of Huddleston's activity.


Surveillance Report

SUBJECT: Marc Huddleston CASE #: 001292-20D-2017

April 24

MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017

5:16 PM

Surveillance begins

Subject is followed from YCSD.

5:24 PM

Subject parks in the driveway of his residence at 168 Orrwood Drive. He is met by another Person (1): M, Caucasian, 50, 5'11, 200, brown hair, beard, presumed to be the subject's father. Person 1 pats the subject on the back and appears to be offering reassurance. The two enter the residence.

7:09 PM

Subject leaves residence and heads west on Orrwood Drive.

7:15 PM

Subject parks at the Oxford Commons on Commonwealth Blvd, then enters Premier Lanes.

7:17 PM

Inside, we observe the subject joining a game of bowling with a group of teenagers.

7:20 PM

Subject is having a prolonged conversation with one of the teenagers, Person (2): M, Caucasian, 16, 5'9, 160, light brown hair.

8:14 PM

Subject approaches the snack bar and places an order.

8:16 PM

Subject accepts order and sits at a nearby table where two of the teenagers, Person 2 and Person (3): M, Asian, 16, 5'9, 170, black hair, are already seated. The three are seen laughing and talking.

8:39 PM

Group leaves table and re-joins the others, who are still bowling.

  • At this time, Deputy Willits collects a cup that was abandoned by the subject. The cup is logged as evidence and will be sent to the crime lab for analysis.

9:14 PM

Subject exits the building with four of the teenagers: Person 2, Person 3, and Person (4): F, Caucasian, 16, 5'6, 120, blonde hair. The group is observed walking behind the building, but we are unable to follow inconspicuously.

9:32 PM

The group emerges from behind the building and re-enters the building.

  • Upon search of the area behind the building where the subject had been, we find a cigarette butt still half burning on the ground, which appears to have been partially stepped on.

9:35 PM

Subject is observed bowling with the same group of teenagers.

9:52 PM

Subject and the rest of the group walk to the counter and return their bowling shoes, then exit the building.

9:53 PM

Subject is overheard saying "Don't forget, man. Tomorrow." to Person 3, who nods and then walks towards the parking lot. Subject hugs Person 4 and then waves to the rest of the group before walking to his vehicle.

9:54 PM

Subject drives south on Commonwealth Blvd.

10:02 PM

Subject arrives home and goes inside.

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