Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001292-20D-2017
Case Description: Frederick Miller death investigation

All detailed reports on file.

April 20, 2017

Witness interviews

Three people at the scene claimed to be eyewitnesses to the death of Frederick Miller in the Faith and Glory Community Church parking lot.

Cheryl Harris, who was the 911 caller, said she was driving onto the church property when she and her passenger, Angie Jennings, saw Miller fall to the ground. Harris was initially cooperative when Detective Armstrong was speaking with her, but she became increasingly standoffish and defensive, particularly when asked to provide fingerprint and DNA samples. At one point, she took out her cell phone as if she was going to start filming the interaction but put it away without doing so.

Angie Jennings generally corroborated Harris's description of events but gave a more detailed description of the possible perpetrator. When speaking with Detective Murphy, Jennings was cooperative but appeared shaken and upset.

Jeremy Willis appeared intoxicated and had alcohol on his breath during his initial interaction with Deputy Watson, so Willis was secured in the back of a patrol car to sober up before being interviewed. When Detectives Armstrong and Murphy spoke to Willis, he appeared to be mostly sober. Willis also claimed to have seen the perpetrator, but his description of the person was only partially consistent with the descriptions given by Harris and Jennings. When Deputy Watson ran Willis's name on their system, records showed that Willis's driver's license is suspended due to an arrest for driving under the influence

Investigative action:

Canvass the area around the church to determine whether anyone else saw or heard anything on the evening of April 20th that is potentially relevant to the investigation.

Report filed 4/23/17, 6:30 p.m. by Det. T. Armstrong, 615, and Det. S. Murphy, 633

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