Investigating Officer(s): Det. T. Armstrong, Det. S. Murphy
Incident No.: 001292-20D-2017
Case Description: Frederick Miller death investigation

CSU provided a preliminary inventory of items taken into evidence from the Frederick Miller homicide scene. Examination of the scene is ongoing.

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Pin found in treeline

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Hat found in dumpster

Crime scene

  • 001292-01: One (1) men's wallet, black leather
    • 001292-01-01: One (1) Mississippi driver's license issued to Frederick V. Miller
    • 001292-01-02 through 001292-01-04: Three (3) credit cards issued to Frederick V. Miller
    • 001292-01-05: One (1) auto insurance card issued to Frederick Miller
    • 001292-01-06: $82 cash
    • 001292-01-07 through 001292-01-10: Four (4) receipts
  • 001292-02: One (1) Ford SUV, blue, registered to Frederick V. Miller

Treeline south of body location

  • 001292-03: One (1) pin with target and engraving "1-st"
  • 001292-04: One (1) piece of chewing gum, chewed
  • 001292-05: One (1) partial footprint

Dumpster in southwest corner of church property

  • 001292-06: One (1) knit hat, black and white
  • 001292-07: One (1) compound bow
  • 001292-08: One (1) work glove, left hand
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