Naomi Grace Fields was born January 15, 1976, to Jacob and Marta Fields. Jacob owns and operates Fields Hardware Store and Marta is the owner of a Glamour Spa.

Jacob and Marta were thrilled when they discovered she was pregnant. It was love at first sight when she saw her newborn baby girl. It was the same for Jacob.

Marta took a month off work and let her manager run the spa. She was thrilled each day to discover new things about her daughter. Of course, she would have the best. Marta and Jacob would see to it.

Even though Marta was ecstatic about her new daughter, she was concerned about the weight she had gained. At this time, Marta made the decision not to have any more children because of the wear and tear on her body. She and Jacob discussed it at length, and he agreed. Even though he would have liked to have a son, he loved his wife too much to have her go through childbirth again.

As time passed, Naomi grew into a beautiful little girl. Marta made sure her daughter got into the best schools and taught her how to always look her best. Naomi was daddy’s little girl. Jacob loved his daughter and made sure she always got what she wanted.

Naomi’s high school years were a lot of fun. She talked her parents into letting her go to a public school. Naomi was very active and was on the basketball team.

She made friends easily and was asked out on dates quite often. She was picky about who she dated and was seen as somewhat conceited by her girlfriends. Naomi knew what she wanted was to marry a rich man and live like a queen.

Naomi had seen Annette Wyatt at school, but they had never acknowledged each other. Naomi was in her second year of high school when she and Annette literally ran into each other in the hallway on the way to class. They blamed each other for the crash, and while picking up their books, they started to laugh and became instant friends.

Naomi admired Annette and came to depend on Annette to help her solve her problems. When Naomi wasn’t allowed to date a boy her parents thought wasn’t suitable for her, Annette would cover for her and say they were at her house studying.

After high school, Naomi and Annette remained best friends. Annette went on to a career in real estate and helped start the Harte Agency.

Naomi didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life until she learned the manager of her mother’s spa had retired. She grabbed at the opportunity to work with her mother. Marta was thrilled to have her daughter help her with the business and had always hoped someday Naomi would take over.

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