Barney Lancaster met Meredith Stephens while he was building an addition to her parents’ home. On the last day of the job Barney asked Meredith out on a date. They dated for two years and then married.

In April of 1977 the Lancasters had a son who they named him Daryl. On March 3, 1982, they had a daughter and they named her Meg. Daryl was very protective of his little sister as they were growing up. They had a close relationship until a tragic day in 1999 when their father Barney fell from a roof to his death. This was a turning point for both Daryl and Meg. Daryl decided to become a preacher, and Meg began to question the existence of the God she learned about in Sunday school.

When Meg was 17, she was laying on a blanket in her back yard, just staring up at the moon and the stars. She was always amazed by the vastness of the heavens and began to do research. She developed an interest in astrology, and then she found a Wiccan website. Everything she read convinced her that she wanted to be part of this circle of goddesses. She took several online courses and purchased many books on the topic. Meg celebrates Mother Earth and considers herself a peace-loving, tree-hugging hippie.

In her spare time, she does beading; making necklaces and bracelets with colorful beads. She collects small round flat rocks, which she paints designs on and adds to her jewelry. She gives them to people she likes and sells them for $3.00 each to others.

Meg has been employed at Harte Agency as the office manager and receptionist since 2002. At that time, the former receptionist, Annette Wyatt, had recently received her real estate license and had left the position vacant. Annette trained Meg, but once the training was over, she didn’t have time to answer any questions or help Meg. From that point on, Meg always felt like Annette looked down on her, but Meg was happy as long as her boss, Jeff Harte, was pleased with her work.

Meg has been taking night classes at the University of Mississippi since 2009, majoring in business. She has hopes of becoming an agent for the Harte Agency in the future. She loves her job as receptionist but doesn’t make the amount of money she would like to.

Meg is generally the happy-go-lucky type and seems to be well-liked. She is very punctual and likes to have her day planned out. She gets along with her fellow workers, and she sometimes takes her lunch break with them. Outside of the occasional mandatory meeting, she has no contact with the other employees off the clock.

Between her job, her classes and her beading, she has very little time for social gatherings. She met Chad Nixon when she rented a booth at a flea market to sell her jewelry. He bought several items from her for his little sister.

They have been dating for almost a year now.

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