Chris Frost was born on April 28, 1952, to Brian and Grace Frost. Chris is their only child.

Brian Frost worked as a landscaper, moving from company to company depending on who was hiring and who was letting go.

During the lean times, he stayed home with Chris, Grace keeping the family afloat as a veterinary technician.

When Chris entered the school system, her father spent the lean times drinking, and Chris found herself taking care of him once the bus dropped her off.

Teachers don't recall Chris, and her grades were unremarkable. She joined the drama club her first year of high school where she played bit parts to little acclaim.

Chris started working part time at Neilson's Department Store while a high school student, went full time after graduation, and has continued her employment there to this date. She currently specializes in jewelry and accessories.

Chris has never married and has no children. Although she has been in two serious relationships, according to her co-workers, she is currently not involved with anybody.

In June, she bought her first home through Annette Wyatt. Chris has since filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding the purchase, citing Annette Wyatt as the cause.

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