Katie Masters, murder victimKatie Marie Masters was born on April 20, 1994, in Macon, Georgia, to parents Will and Marianne Masters. She was an only child and her parents were overcome with joy at her birth.

When Katie was 12 years old her father was offered a position at the University of Mississippi as a teacher. Will was an attorney-at-law and was thinking about making a career change and the teaching position was exactly what he was hoping for. He moved the family to Oxford, MS in 2006.

Katie was very upset about the move and having to leave all her friends, but Marianne’s parents still lived in Macon, and she made the trip back several times a year and Katie still saw her old friends from time to time.

She made friends very easily at Oxford Junior High School in Oxford and in no time she had plenty of girlfriends, including Corrie Townsend. Katie adapted to life there and joined several of the clubs.

Skating had become Katie’s passion and she skated every chance she got. Will and Marianne had bought her new skates in November, and she loved them. She went skating every Saturday at The Skate Place in Oxford either with friends or her parents would take her, drop her off, and come back to get her when she called.

She had discussed with her parents her plans for attending Ole Miss where her father was employed, after she graduated high school. She had her future all planned out, and it looked good.

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