Ron has been building his reputation as a tough character since childhood

On a cold, gray morning on December 30, 1985, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, a baby boy named Ron was born to Fred and Virginia Baldwin. Virginia had a hard labor, and after 33 hours, she gave birth to her fifth and last child. Fred and Virginia were sinking in debt, and soon after Ron was brought home from the hospital, they left Ypsilanti and traveled around the country trying to find work.

Oxford, Mississippi became their home after Fred finally found a job as a railroad dispatcher. The family still lives there, and though Ron lived on the streets for a time, he is back in his parents home now.

Ron was smaller than other kids his age when he was young. His older brothers picked on him a lot, and when he started school, he had the same problem there. He had to defend himself almost every day from the bigger boys. He spent so much time worrying about being beaten up that he couldn't focus on his studies and started failing in his classes. He finally dropped out of school when he reached the age of 16.

Ron has never had a steady girlfriend or any close friends. He hangs out in bars and poolrooms in Oxford and surrounding towns, where he makes a little money hustling pool. The people who catch onto his scam often get angry and threaten to call the police or fight him to get their money back.

Most of them back down when he quietly gets in their faces them and dares them to try. Those who don't soon come to regret it after a few minutes outside with Ron, who's usually flanked by a couple of burly pals whose bar tab he pays in exchange for support in these situations.

Ron's erratic hours and quick temper have made homelife stressful for his parents, but Fred and Virginia are afraid to tell him to move out because he has threatened them more than once.

On Saturday nights, Ron can typically be found at one of the city bars listening to whatever band is performing that night and looking for a game of pool.


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