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Jamey Allen interview #2

Wednesday, February 7, 2024 – 10:30 a.m.

Jamey Allen delivered pizza to Blake Jenson's party.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy re-interviewed him at the Yoknatpatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Jamey Allen

Detective Armstrong: Good morning.

Jamey Allen: Good morning, Detective Armstrong. What's up?

Detective Armstrong: Please state your name and address before we begin.

Jamey Allen: Sure. My name is James Maddox Allen. I still live at 1506 Jackson Avenue, Oxford.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. Jamey, did you see Ginny Carr at Blake's party?

Jamey Allen: I saw she was there, but I didn't talk to her.

Detective Murphy: What was she doing?

Jamey Allen: I couldn't really see since I was in the kitchen, but she was standing talking to someone. Kent, I think?

Detective Murphy: You're not sure?

Jamey Allen: No. It was a little chaotic trying to collect money during the feeding frenzy. Ginny doesn't eat pizza. At least, I've never seen her eat pizza. So she didn't come into the kitchen.

Detective Murphy: Did you see her eat anything besides pizza?

Jamey Allen: No, but I didn't go into the other room, and I left as soon as I had all the money.

Detective Armstrong: Tell us, is Bree Paxton still your girlfriend?

Jamey Allen: Yeah. Why?

Detective Armstrong: We have some questions involving her.

Jamey Allen: I'm not going to say anything bad about Bree. No way. If that's what you want, I might as well leave right now.

Detective Armstrong: Would you still feel that way if Bree had told us something you didn't know?

Jamey Allen: Like what? What did she say?

Detective Armstrong: First, you answer our questions. Did Bree say anything to you about those breadsticks she was so nice to make for Blake?

Jamey Allen: Uh, no, not much.

Detective Armstrong: Would you say that Bree is an honest person?

Jamey Allen: So far as I know, she is. Why?

Detective Armstrong: Did she tell you that she kissed Blake?

Jamey Allen: No, she didn't! I warned her. I told her I'd dump her if she tried to pull that stuff on me. Who told you that?

Detective Armstrong: She did, Jamey. Strange she didn't tell you about that, isn't it? Makes me wonder if something more was going on.

Jamey Allen: That lying slut! Just like all the girls. Liars and cheats! I could kill her!

Detective Armstrong: Not a wise thing to say in our presence.

Jamey Allen: I don't mean literally kill her, but I can't believe she did that. I'm done with her! I don't need a girlfriend like that. I was stupid for trusting her.

Detective Armstrong: Now. Did she tell you she put anything extra in those breadsticks?

Jamey Allen: No, but she told me you asked her about that, and she was scared. She thought you were coming after her for Blake's death, and she was real nervous, so maybe she did put something in the breadsticks.

Detective Murphy: If she was romantically involved with Blake, why would she want to hurt him?

Jamey Allen: Because he wouldn't dump Madison for her? How should I know? Oh, I hope you lock her up. That would serve her right. You know, Stix tried to warn me about her, but I thought he was just trying to start something.

Detective Armstrong: I thought you said you didn't know Stix and had never seen him before.

Jamey Allen: I don't know him and never saw him before the party, but he came into the store last night and ordered a pizza. That's when he told me he saw my girlfriend making out with Blake. I should have known!

Detective Armstrong: You didn't suspect something was going on between Bree and Blake before the night of the party?

Jamey Allen: No, because I'm an idiot and believed her!

Detective Murphy: Did you do something to bring about his death?

Jamey Allen: I'd never do that to someone over a girl. I mean, I might call the guy out and even fight, but kill someone? No way I'm going to jail for anyone.

Detective Armstrong: I hope you're telling us the truth, Jamey. It would go bad for you if you were lying.

Jamey Allen: Look, detective, I don't know why you have such a low opinion of me, but I'm not that kind of guy. I don't steal or use drugs or anything like that, so killing someone is just not on my agenda. Understand?

Detective Murphy: If that's true, that's smart, Jamey. Stay that way.

Jamey Allen: Don't worry. I will. Sorry I got angry when you told me about Bree and Blake, but I'd never do anything rash.

Detective Murphy: If you hear anything you think we should know, will you be sure to contact us?

Jamey Allen: You bet. I'll keep my ears open.

Detective Murphy: You can go now. Thanks for your cooperation.

Jamey Allen: You're welcome. And thanks for giving me the heads up about my now ex-girlfriend.

Interview ended – 10:55 a.m.


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