Serious-looking young woman with long dark hair

Bree Paxton interview #2

Wednesday, February 7, 2024 – 10:00 a.m.

Bree Paxton was a friend of Blake Jenson and was at his party the night he died.

Detectives Murphy and Armstrong re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy 
  • Bree Paxton

Detective Murphy: Could you state your name and address again for the record?

Bree Paxton: No problem. My name is Bree Paxton, and I live at 239 Colonial Road.

Detective Murphy: Thank you for coming in. You seemed hesitant at first.

Bree Paxton: Well, do you blame me? The last time I was here, you accused me of putting arsenic in the breadsticks I made for Blake.

Detective Armstrong: Calm down. Listen. We have a witness who told us that just before the lights went out, Blake was dancing around singing into one of those breadsticks.

Bree Paxton: And? Your point is…?

Detective Murphy: Was he holding a breadstick?

Bree Paxton: I don't know. Blake was lying there dying. I wasn't fixated on a stupid breadstick.

Detective Armstrong: Really? Because we heard you were fixated on something.

Detective Murphy: And we searched over and under every inch of the room. There was no breadstick anywhere, Bree.

Bree Paxton: What is the big deal about a freakin' breadstick?

Detective Armstrong: Someone died in that room. That's the big deal.

Bree Paxton: Okay. Fine. I picked it up.

Detective Armstrong: Why would you do that?

Bree Paxton: I… I don't know. It was just so … chaotic. The lights came on, and I stood there. Just … in shock. Madison ran over to Blake, and someone—I think Jennifer or someone—stepped on it or something. It was all smashed, so I threw it away.

Detective Murphy: We also checked the wastebaskets.

Bree Paxton: I stuffed it in my pocket. And then, when I was home, I remembered what I'd done. That's when I threw it out.

Detective Murphy: Would that still be in the trash at 239 Colonial Road?

Bree Paxton: No, why?

Detective Murphy: It's evidence, Bree.

Bree Paxton: But why? He didn't eat it, and it wasn't poisoned or anything anyway.

Detective Armstrong: Did Ginny eat a breadstick?

Bree Paxton: No! Everyone knew the breadsticks were for Blake only.

Detective Murphy: Did Ginny and Blake have the same thing to drink? Or share a drink?

Bree Paxton: I don't know. I wasn't paying any attention to what Ginny did.

Detective Armstrong: Was Ginny in the room when the lights went out?

Bree Paxton: I— I don't know! I was only watching Blake!

Detective Armstrong: Okay, then. Let's discuss this crush you had on Blake.

Bree Paxton: I liked him a lot, okay? It wasn't just a crush.

Detective Armstrong: According to you, Jamey suspected that you and Blake "had a thing going." Did Jamey go into the living room where Blake was?

Bree Paxton: Oh, God no.

Detective Murphy: You're sure?

Bree Paxton: Pretty sure. He would have overreacted if he'd seen Blake singing that song to me.

Detective Armstrong: Overreacted how?

Bree Paxton: Like it would back up his theory about us.

Detective Armstrong: It wasn't just a theory, though, was it?

Bree Paxton: Look. If Jamey did come into the room, he never mentioned it to me.

Detective Murphy: What about that song Blake was singing to you? Did you two have some sort of secret fling going on?

Bree Paxton: Blake kissed me once. Well, maybe I kissed him, but he didn't push me away. He kissed me back for a second or two.

Detective Murphy: Where was Jamey when the lights went out?

Bree Paxton: I think he was gone. He was working, so I'm pretty sure he left right after he collected money for the pizza.

Detective Murphy: Did Madison ever find out about the kiss with Blake?

Bree Paxton: No. Nobody knew.

Detective Murphy: Are you sure? You didn't brag to anyone?

Bree Paxton: Me? No. Blake told me he was in love with Madison, and he wasn't that type.

Detective Armstrong: What type is that?

Bree Paxton: The type to cheat on his girlfriend.

Detective Murphy: But it didn't stop you from pursuing him, did it?

Bree Paxton: Well, I hoped he'd see what a good girlfriend I'd be.

Detective Armstrong: By cheating on your boyfriend with him?

Bree Paxton: He didn't seem to mind. He just kinda started teasing me all the time, like when he sang that song to me. I didn't mind either. I liked it.

Detective Murphy: Did Blake ever mention any type of medical condition?

Bree Paxton: Yes, of course. I told you he was lactose intolerant.

Detective Murphy: Nothing else?

Bree Paxton: No.

Detective Armstrong: You told us Stix was there when the lights went out. Do you recall what he was doing or what he said before the lights went out?

Bree Paxton: Yeah. Stix was pretty pissed that Blake was singing to me. He told Blake to stop acting like such an idiot and quit stalling. He said something like, "Clinging to that title for a few more seconds?"

Detective Armstrong: Did Blake respond?

Bree Paxton: He laughed and bent over and picked up his controller. Then he turned, and he … winked. He winked at me. Then the lights went out.

Detective Murphy: What else do you remember about after the lights came back on?

Bree Paxton: Just me standing by Blake. Then Jennifer and Madison were there next to him. Madison screamed, and Kent, I think, called 911. And Stix was cussing and pacing around. But … nothing else. I feel so useless.

Detective Murphy: You've given us some useful information. Thanks again for your time.

Bree Paxton: Did I clear myself then?

Detective Armstrong: You can go now. We're done here.

Bree Paxton: Umm, okay. Bye.

Interview ended – 10:25 a.m.


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