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Agnes Jenson interview

Monday, February 5, 2024 – 4:35 p.m.

Agnes Jenson is Blake Jenson's grandmother.

Detectives Armstrong and Murphy interviewed him at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective T. Armstrong
  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Agnes Jenson

Detective Murphy: We know this is difficult, Mrs. Jenson, but we have to do this. You understand?

Agnes Jenson: Thank you. Yes, I do understand.

Detective Murphy: Please state your name and address for our records.

Agnes Jenson: I'm Agnes Jenson, and I reside at 1199 Mimosa Drive.

Detective Murphy: Thank you. You look a little shaky, Mrs. Jenson. Are you going to be all right?

Agnes Jenson: This is so hard. I can't believe Blake is gone. He was such a wonderful boy and filled our lives with so much happiness.

Detective Murphy: Take this tissue, Mrs. Jenson, and go ahead and cry. We understand what you're going through.

Agnes Jenson: Thank you, honey. I want so badly to help you find out what happened to Blake.

Detective Armstrong: Why don't you start off by telling us what kind of grandson Blake was?

Agnes Jenson: Oh, he was a gift. A precious gift.

Detective Armstrong: Why did he have the piercings and tattoos?

Agnes Jenson: Blake had those things done because he wanted to fit in with the rest of the rock bands.

Detective Armstrong: Is that what he told you?

Agnes Jenson: He didn't have to tell me. I've known that boy his whole life.

Detective Murphy: Did he give you any trouble?

Agnes Jenson: Never. He was totally the opposite of what you would expect a boy with those markings and piercings to be. People just make assumptions without really knowing what they're talking about. I don't know what I'll do without him.

Detective Armstrong: I understand. Do you know of anyone who would want to hurt Blake?

Agnes Jenson: No, I don't. Why in the world would anyone want to hurt him? He never hurt anyone in his life. He was very caring and would do anything to help another human being. Why are you asking me that?

Detective Murphy: We're just trying to cover all the bases.

Agnes Jenson: Does the coroner know if it was the WPW that killed him?

Detective Murphy: We don't have that report yet. What is WPW?

Agnes Jenson: Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. It gave Blake a heart flutter, and sometimes, when he exerted himself, he had some chest discomfort. His doctor didn't seem concerned. Sometimes, people grow out of it, I guess, and that's what we were hoping.

Detective Murphy: What's his doctor's name?

Agnes Jenson: Dr. Ericson. Gerald Ericson. He's at Baptist Memorial.

Detective Murphy: Was Blake on any medication for this heart condition?

Agnes Jenson: No. We were lucky that he'd been able to manage it without that.

Detective Murphy: If he was doing so well with it, I wonder why you think it might've caused his death?

Agnes Jenson: I suppose I've always been afraid it would up and take him away from us out of nowhere one day. If it wasn't his heart, what else could it have been? 

Detective Armstrong: Did you speak to Blake often while you were out of town?

Agnes Jenson: Oh, yes. If I didn't call him, he would call me. We were so close, you know. He would usually tease me about what he was doing.

Detective Murphy: In what way, Mrs. Jenson?

Agnes Jenson: Oh, he'd say things about "making hot licks" or something like that, knowing I didn't know what that meant. Then he would laugh and tell me he was writing some new music and making it hot. Then we'd both laugh.

Detective Murphy: Do you know his friends?

Agnes Jenson: Yes. His band practiced in our garage. His friends were at the guesthouse a lot. And his girlfriend, too. She'd tell me that Blake was almost perfect for her, except he'd go on and on about how good he was at that game. I'm not so sure she wasn't just a little jealous of all his friends, but she's a sweet girl.

Detective Murphy: You know his girlfriend's name?

Agnes Jenson: Of course. Madison Spires, a lovely girl. My favorite of his girlfriends by far.

Detective Murphy: You didn't care for his other girlfriends?

Agnes Jenson: Some more than others. That Jennifer was real clingy. I was glad when he broke it off with her.

Detective Murphy: Do you know Jennifer's last name?

Agnes Jenson: Yes. Give me a moment. Alexander. That's it.

Detective Murphy: So, not Ginny Carr?

Agnes Jenson: No, not her. Did I hear she's in the hospital?

Detective Murphy: Yes, ma'am.

Agnes Jenson: Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Is she going to be okay?

Detective Murphy: We don't have that information. The last we heard, she wasn't doing well.

Agnes Jenson: Well, that's just terrible, I tell you what.

Detective Armstrong: Did Blake ever have problems with the police? Speeding or anything?

Agnes Jenson: The only trouble Blake ever got into was playing his music too loud. George and Anna weren't too pleased with that.

Detective Armstrong: George and Anna?

Agnes Jenson: Our neighbors, George and Anna Raymond. They're old friends of ours. They loved Blake, too, but his music kept them awake sometimes, so they called the police on him more than once.

Detective Armstrong: Did that bother you?

Agnes Jenson: No, not really. Luther and I understood that, and I think Blake did, too. He just didn't realize the music was so loud. The kids all love that loud music nowadays.

Detective Armstrong: So, did you speak to Blake yesterday?

Agnes Jenson: Yes, I did. He told me the gang was coming over later, and some new guy would be there to challenge him at the game. He was excited and said he couldn't wait. I think he loved that Guitar Hero game almost as much as playing the real guitar.

Detective Armstrong: Did Blake get his musical talent from you?

Agnes Jenson: Oh, no. I'm sure that came from his biological parents, but they've never been a part of his life. My daughter wasn't cut out to be a mother.

Detective Armstrong: Blake never knew your daughter?

Agnes Jenson: Hasn't seen her since the day he was born, but at least she gave him the gift of her ear for music. It gave him a lot of happiness.

Detective Murphy: I can see you're tired, so why don't you and your husband go on home now. But we may need to ask more questions later.

Agnes Jenson: Thank you. I am tired. Give me a ring if I can help in any way. I don't know what Luther and I are going to do now. Blake was our life.

Interview ended – 4:57 p.m.


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