Woman dressed as Elvis Presley holding a guitar

Rose Marie Pearson interview #2

Saturday, January 6, 2024 – 1:15 p.m.

Since Rose Marie Pearson was out and about in the conference center around the time Jared Plunk was killed, the detectives wanted to see if she could provide any corroboration for her alibi and find out whether she could recall any more details about the people she saw that morning.

Detectives Murphy and Parker re-interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Rose Marie Pearson

Detective Murphy: Hello. How are you today?

Rose Marie Pearson: Hello. I'm feeling pretty good. Why did you want to talk to me again?

Detective Murphy: Will you state your name and address before we begin?

Rose Marie Pearson: You already know that. I told you before. Remember?

Detective Murphy: It's just routine if you wouldn't mind repeating it.

Rose Marie Pearson: My name is Rose Marie Pearson, and I haven't moved from where I live at 6848 Bay Point Drive in Macon, Georgia. Now, what do you need from me?

Detective Murphy: Do you have anything more to tell us about the murder of Jared Plunk?

Rose Marie Pearson: Not really. Oh, wait. I can tell you some of the gossip that was flying around. Some people were saying that Pastor Warren wanted Jared dead, too.

Detective Murphy: Pastor Warren?

Rose Marie Pearson: Carl Warren, the pastor of the Elvis Faithful. I'm sure you've heard the gossip about him, but it's all a bunch of lies. After all, he is a pastor. See this bracelet I'm wearing? Notice the letters: WWED? I'm one of the Elvis Faithful myself, and none of the Elvis Faithful would do such a thing. Ridiculous.

Detective Parker: Okay, so you say none of the Elvis Faithful would do such a thing, but didn't you tell us in your last interview that you came to Oxford to murder Jared Plunk yourself?

Rose Marie Pearson: Yes, I did, but I was all heated up. Pastor Warren never gets angry. Besides, I didn't do it, did I?

Detective Parker: How do we know that you didn't do it? We only have your word for that.

Rose Marie Pearson: My word is good. Ask anybody. You know who I think did it?

Detective Parker: Who?

Rose Marie Pearson: That hotel worker. Yvonne, I think they call her. She had an affair with him, her husband lost his job because of him, and she found the body. Not only that, but I heard that her fingerprints were on the knife. What more do you need? Are you blind? We hang people in Georgia for less than that.

Detective Murphy: They hang people, Mrs. Pearson? Are you sure about that?

Rose Marie Pearson: I never saw a hanging, but I heard about them.

Detective Murphy: Okay, well, be that as it may, how do you know so much about this Yvonne and her relationship with Jared Plunk?

Rose Marie Pearson: Everyone knows. After he was killed, people couldn't stop talking about it.

Detective Parker: You were seen removing your costume the morning Jared Plunk was killed. Was that so no one would see the blood on it?

Rose Marie Pearson: No, I told you it was itchy. Why don't you check on that guy who was walking around in the hallways, muttering to himself? Maybe he's related to the guy I saw outside, muttering to himself. Isn't that strange? Two guys walking around, muttering? And people call me eccentric.

Detective Murphy: Which guy are you talking about?

Rose Marie Pearson: I think his name was Quenty or something like that.

Detective Murphy: What we want from you is proof that you weren't in the hallway that morning with Jared Plunk. Where were you between the time you saw Taylor Boyd in the upstairs hallway and when you took off your Elvis costume downstairs?

Rose Marie Pearson: I went to the main room to practice my singing and dancing. I can shake my pelvis and swivel my knees just like Elvis did. You want to see?

Detective Murphy: Not right now, thank you. Did anyone see you in the main room that morning?

Rose Marie Pearson: I'm not sure. I was too busy. Someone had to have heard me because I sang "Love Me Tender" perfectly. Elvis would've been real proud.

Detective Murphy: I bet he would. If you can remember if anyone saw you, it would help.

Rose Marie Pearson: If I do, I'll let you know, for sure. Are you done with me? I'd like to go now. I'm worn out. This is all very frustrating.

Detective Parker: You may go, but just one more question first. You told us earlier that you saw another Elvis tribute artist that morning and that he took off his costume just as you did.

Rose Marie Pearson: Oh, I forgot all about him.

Detective Parker: Him? Are you sure it was a man?

Rose Marie Pearson: I can tell the difference between a man and a woman.

Detective Parker: What else can you tell us about him?

Rose Marie Pearson: Not anything, really. I didn't pay all that much attention to him.

Detective Murphy: Did he have a limp?

Rose Marie Pearson: No. Why would you ask that?

Detective Murphy: Just to show you that you noticed more than you realize. Now, think back. Was he short or tall? Fat or thin? Young or old?

Rose Marie Pearson: In the middle, I guess.

Detective Parker: In the middle?

Rose Marie Pearson: Not really tall or short, not old but not young either, not fat but not thin.

Detective Parker: I see.

Detective Murphy: Did he have any tattoos?

Rose Marie Pearson: I don't think so.

Detective Murphy: Any scars you could see?

Rose Marie Pearson: No.

Detective Murphy: What about jewelry? Was he wearing any rings or a wristwatch? Did he have any piercings?

Rose Marie Pearson: Piercings? Mercy me, no. And I don't remember any rings or anything.

Detective Murphy: What about his hair? What color was it?

Rose Marie Pearson: His wig was black, just like Elvis. I don't know what color his hair was underneath.

Detective Murphy: Did he have any facial hair? A mustache or a beard? Maybe that would tell you what color his hair was.

Rose Marie Pearson: Elvis was always clean-shaven.

Detective Parker: But this wasn't really Elvis. It was someone dressed up as him.

Rose Marie Pearson: You can't dress up as the King if you have a beard and mustache.

Detective Murphy: So this man did not have facial hair?

Rose Marie Pearson: I'm not sure. Maybe he did. I knew something wasn't right about him.

Detective Murphy: What kind of facial hair did he have?

Rose Marie Pearson: I don't know. I already told you I was focused on other things. May I go now?

Detective Murphy: Yes, you can go, but we'd like you to think about that day a little more and try to remember more about what that man looked like.

Rose Marie Pearson: So I can leave now?

Detective Parker: Yes. Have a nice day. We'll be in touch.

Interview ended – 1:43 p.m.


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