Woman dressed as Elvis Presley holding a guitar

Rose Marie Pearson interview

Thursday, January 4, 2024 – 3:00 p.m.

Rose Marie Pearson attended the conference where Jared Plunk was murdered.

Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed her at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Rose Marie Pearson

Detective Murphy: Good afternoon, and thank you for coming in.

Rose Marie Pearson: Good day. I'm willing to do whatever I can to help, although I'm glad that dreadful man is dead.

Detective Murphy: Would you state your name and address before we begin?

Rose Marie Pearson: My name is Rose Marie Pearson, but you can call me Rosie. I live at 6848 Bay Point Drive in Macon, Georgia.

Detective Murphy: Where were you when Mr. Plunk was murdered?

Rose Marie Pearson: Why, I was right there, standing in the lobby. I had no idea what had happened until I saw the police.

Detective Parker: What time was this?

Rose Marie Pearson: Oh, about 5:30, 6:00 a.m.?

Detective Murphy: Can you tell us what you saw, if anything?

Rose Marie Pearson: Oh, I'm happy to tell you. I saw the strangest little man snooping around. I could hear him mumbling to himself. I distinctly heard the words "aliens" and "man turned into a woman." I think he must have escaped from a mental ward somewhere or the other.

Detective Murphy: Do you know his name?

Rose Marie Pearson: No, I never saw him before, and I don't fancy seeing him again.

Detective Murphy: Did you see anyone else?

Rose Marie Pearson: Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. I saw another Elvis tribute artist, and he did the same thing I did. I guess his clothes were scratching him, too.

Detective Murphy: What do you mean, "the same thing I did?"

Rose Marie Pearson: When I do my singing and dancing tribute to the King, I wear my Elvis costume, so I put it on early that morning and went downstairs to the stage to practice. I wasn't scheduled to perform, but I wanted to be ready just in case, you see? I was wearing one of my white jumpsuit costumes, and it was scratching me, so I just removed it. I had on a T-shirt and leggings underneath, of course.

Detective Parker: So this other tribute artist also removed his costume? Is that what you're saying?

Rose Marie Pearson: Yes, but he wasn't very professional because he had it all wadded up in a ball under his arm. That's just going to make it all wrinkled.

Detective Parker: Then how did you know it was an Elvis costume?

Rose Marie Pearson: Detective, nobody knows Elvis better than me. I know an Elvis costume when I see one. Besides, he still had the wig on.

Detective Murphy: Can you describe what he looked like?

Rose Marie Pearson: I didn't really pay attention. I was more focused on what he was doing to that jumpsuit. So disrespectful.

Detective Murphy: Did you see where the other tribute artist went?

Rose Marie Pearson: No, I didn't. I was more worried about that tomfool crazy man.

Detective Murphy: Did you see anyone else that morning?

Rose Marie Pearson: Yes, I saw that Mr. Boyd earlier, upstairs in the hallway, when I left my room to go downstairs.

Detective Parker: You know Mr. Boyd?

Rose Marie Pearson: I met him at the conference.

Detective Murphy: Did you notice what he was doing or which way he was going?

Rose Marie Pearson: I think he must've been heading for the elevator because he went in the opposite direction. I was going to the stairs. I like the exercise.

Detective Murphy: Did you see him after that?

Rose Marie Pearson: No, but I did see that nice Mrs. Boyd. Seems like a lot of people were up early that morning.

Detective Murphy: Yes, it seems so. Now, can you tell us what you know about Mr. Plunk?

Rose Marie Pearson: I know he was a despicable human being. He was going to say bad things about the King.

Detective Parker: Are you crying?

Rose Marie Pearson: No, not on purpose, anyway. When I think of Mr. Plunk and his intentions, I feel so sad for Elvis.

Detective Murphy: How did you learn of Mr. Plunk's intentions, Mrs. Pearson?

Rose Marie Pearson: I know a lot of Elvis fans, and one of them told me she had heard it through the grapevine. So I knew I just had to attend this convention and stop him if I could.

Detective Parker: How did you plan on stopping him?

Rose Marie Pearson: I guess it's okay to tell you now since someone else killed him. I was going to murder Jared Plunk. He didn't deserve to live, especially not since he intended to spread some kind of horrible lies about our beloved Elvis.

Detective Parker: So you went to the conference to kill Jared Plunk?

Rose Marie Pearson: That's right.

Detective Parker: And then you stabbed him.

Rose Marie Pearson: Mercy me, no. I would never stab someone. Too messy. I was going to put rat poison in his drink.

Detective Parker: You don't think that would be messy?

Rose Marie Pearson: It doesn't matter anyway. Someone else saved me the trouble.

Detective Parker: And who might that be?

Rose Marie Pearson: I haven't a single clue.

Detective Parker: Are you sure?

Rose Marie Pearson: My mama taught me to never tell a lie.

Detective Parker: Did your mama also teach you to never murder anyone?

Rose Marie Pearson: How dare you insult me in that way, and my poor dead mother, too! I was beside myself when I realized I had to get Plunk out of this world. And besides, I told you I didn't do it.

Detective Parker: Maybe this was your plan all along. Did you think telling us you wanted to kill him but didn't get a chance would be a good way to fool us into believing you're innocent?

Rose Marie Pearson: Wouldn't that be hard to prove? You need to learn some manners, young lady. Do you go around accusing everyone of murder? I'm ready to leave now. I've offered my services, and this is the way you treat me!

Detective Murphy: Okay, okay. Everybody settle down now. You may go, but we might need your services again, so please keep that in mind, Mrs. Pearson.

Rose Marie Pearson: You can call me Rosie, ma'am. But Detective Parker, it's Mrs. Pearson to you. Good day.

Detective Parker: Goodbye for now. I'm sure we'll be seeing you again.

Interview ended – 2:29 p.m.


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