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Lindsey Snyder bio

Lindsey Myron Snyder was born in 1974 in Oxford, Mississippi. After high school, Lindsey moved to Memphis to attend culinary school, planning to become a professional chef.

When she met up-and-coming real estate attorney Michael Myron, those plans were put on hold. Lindsay and Michael fell in love, and soon Lindsay became pregnant. The couple quickly married in a small but heartfelt ceremony, and their son, Frank, was born about six months later.

When Frank started school, Lindsey returned to school herself. This time, she decided to pursue a bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Resort Management with a Culinary Arts concentration to give herself a broader base of knowledge.

Even though she and Michael were financially stable due to his legal career and real estate investments, Lindsey wanted to have skills of her own to fall back on. The decision proved prescient when her husband was diagnosed with heart problems and forced into semi-retirement.

After Michael passed away in 2014, Lindsey found his real estate portfolio too much to manage alone while raising their still-young son and managing her own grief. She was forced to sell several of the properties because of needed repairs, maintenance, and taxes.

Once Michael's estate and business interests were settled, Lindsey decided to move back to Oxford with Frank. Not long after she returned to town, she met Max Snyder in a local music store. They hit it off and married after dating only six months.

Lindsey and Frank moved out of the modest cottage she owned and in with Max. They now rent out the cottage for an additional income stream.

Since their marriage in early 2016, Lindsey and Max have worked together at the business they now co-own, M & L Promotions. After Lindsey joined the company, she helped Max establish the convention bookings segment of their business, which increased profits. Today, she handles the booking and publicity for the conferences and conventions Max organizes.

She and Max have invested most of their savings into the company. Lindsey's parents loaned her $5,000 to help promote and establish the Elvis conference, which they hope will continue as an annual event.

Outside of work, Lindsey enjoys cooking and entertaining. The couple has hosted several well-attended fundraisers at the convention center and has become known for their skills in making guests feel at home.


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