Investigating Officer(s): Det. S. Murphy. Det. E. Parker
Incident No.: 002330-22G-2013
Case Description: Douglas Reed Homicide Investigation

The following video was recovered from the key fob with the pin-hole camera, which was recovered in Meeting Room 10 of the YCCC, where Douglas Reed's body was found.


Evidence description:

  • 002330-01: key ring with two (2) keys and one (1) key fob with pin-hole camera and micro USB port, recovered from floor underneath chair in westernmost second row chair northwest corner of room

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I've watched this video many times. It looks to me to be a 3/4 ladies blouse and the wrist looks like that of a woman and also the hand. I thought I saw like a gesture as to finger the driver. And the voice was saying wrong way.

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