yvonne-boydSaturday, January 5, 2013 - 8:15 a.m.

Yvonne Boyd is the Accommodation Manager at the Yoknapatawpha County Conference Center (YCCC) and discovered Jared Plunk's body. Detectives Murphy and Parker interviewed her in a meeting room at the YCCC. The interview was recorded with the witness's knowledge and consent.


  • Detective S. Murphy
  • Detective E. Parker
  • Yvonne Boyd

Detective Murphy: Good morning, Mrs. Boyd. Thank you for talking to us now. I know finding a body like that can be unnerving to say the least.

Yvonne Boyd: You're welcome, Detective, and yes, it's terribly upsetting.

Detective Murphy: Would you state your name and address for the record, please?

Yvonne Boyd: Of course. My name is Yvonne Boyd, and I live at 1509 Smallwood Drive in Oxford.

Detective Murphy: And you're a YCCC employee?

Yvonne Boyd: Yes, I'm the Accommodation Manager.

Detective Murphy: What exactly is that?

Yvonne Boyd: I'm responsible for the efficient operation of the hotel and staff supervision.

Detective Murphy: How did you happen to be in the area where the body was found?

Yvonne Boyd: I was carrying out my usual routine of inspecting all areas of the conference center to ensure everything is clean and presentable and there are no problems. That's when I found Jared near the fitness room.

Detective Murphy: Do you always use the same route when you're inspecting?

Yvonne Boyd: Yes, because that way I won't miss any areas.

Detective Parker: All right, please go on.

Yvonne Boyd: Well, I had just turned down the hallway and I saw someone lying on the floor. I hesitated. I didn't know if someone had become sick or had fallen and gotten hurt. When I got closer, I saw the blood on the carpet, and I could tell he was dead. I called 911 right away.

Detective Murphy: Did you see anyone else in the hallway?

Yvonne Boyd: No, but I did see one of the Elvis tribute artists standing just outside the door.

Detective Parker: Tribute artist?

Yvonne Boyd: They prefer not to be called impersonators.

Detective Parker: I see. Did you recognize the tribute artist?

Yvonne Boyd: No, they all look alike to me, but this one was acting strange.

Detective Parker: Strange? In what way?

Yvonne Boyd: You know how you act when your clothing doesn't feel comfortable? Like it doesn't fit just right? That's how this person was acting.

Detective Parker: Would you recognize this person if you saw him again?

Yvonne Boyd: I'm not sure, but I highly doubt it.

Detective Murphy: Were you acquainted with the victim, Jared Plunk?

Yvonne Boyd: Yes, I knew Jared.

Detective Parker: Do you need a glass of water, Mrs. Boyd? You seem nervous.

Yvonne Boyd: Yes, thank you.

Detective Murphy: How did you know Jared Plunk?

Yvonne Boyd: Mr. Plunk and my husband were business partners.

Detective Murphy: Were? So they aren't anymore?

Yvonne Boyd: No.

Detective Murphy: What happened?

Yvonne Boyd: Mr. Plunk was not an honest person. They had worked together to obtain the letters that Jared was going to talk about in his presentation at the conference, but he broke the partnership with Taylor because he wanted all the fame and money that would come with the publishing of those papers. He cheated my husband out of his share.

Detective Parker: Do you know who murdered Jared Plunk?

Yvonne Boyd: No. I'm just the Accommodation Manager.

Detective Parker: Did you have any relationship with Mr. Plunk other than being his former partner's wife?

Yvonne Boyd: We were friends at one time, but when Jared stole the Elvis papers from us, he not only broke off his friendship with Taylor, but me, too. He was very cold and calculating.

Detective Parker: Do you think your husband was involved in the murder?

Yvonne Boyd: What? Are you accusing my husband? He would never be involved in murder. Taylor and Jared parted company because Jared was a dishonest man. That's all.

Detective Murphy: Where was your husband when you were making your rounds?

Yvonne Boyd: Oh, he was still asleep.

Detective Murphy: Do you know of anyone who might want Jared Plunk dead?

Yvonne Boyd: No, I don't know anyone personally, but I'm sure there are many. He was a terrible man.

Detective Parker: Did you disturb the crime scene in any way? Did you touch the body or move it?

Yvonne Boyd: I could barely stand to look at him, let alone touch him. No, I didn't disturb anything.

Detective Parker: Did you notice a weapon of any kind in the area?

Yvonne Boyd: No, I didn't. Is that about all? Can I go now? I still have a lot of work to do.

Detective Murphy: Yes, we're can stop for now. We'll contact you if we have any more questions. And please let us know if you recall any information that will help.

Yvonne Boyd: I will.

Interview ended - 8:33 a.m.

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