Investigating Officer(s): Detective S. Murphy. Detective E. Parker
Incident No.: 000078-05A-2013
Case Description: Jared Plunk homicide investigation


Investigators have compiled the following summary of the witnesses alibis for Saturday, January 5, 2013, between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., when Jared Plunk is believed to have been killed. Information on the results of attempts to verify the alibis is also included.

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[tab title='Taylor Boyd']

Description: The victim's former business partner

Alibi: Mr. Boyd said he couldn't sleep, so he left his sleeping wife, Yvonne, in their room at the conference center and went for a walk. He said he saw a female Elvis tribute artist in the hall near his room before he entered the elevator.

He said he became ill while riding down on the elevator and went to a public restroom instead going out for a walk. He said his wife was gone from their room when he returned some time later.

Confirmed? Partially. Rose Marie Pearson reported seeing Mr. Boyd in the hallway before he went downstairs, but no witnesses have been found to confirm Mr. Boyd's whereabouts after that sighting until after Jared Plunk's body was found.

Taylor Boyd


[tab title='Yvonne Boyd']

Description: The victim's ex-mistress

Alibi: Mrs. Boyd said she was making her rounds at the Yoknapatawpha County Conference Center when she found Jared Plunk's body and called 911. The incident report records the time of the 911 call as 6:15 a.m.

Mrs. Boyd reported seeing an Elvis tribute artist near the location where she found the body, but she couldn't identify that person.

Mrs. Boyd later admitted that between the time she found the body and the time the first officer arrived at the scene, she hid a bloody knife she'd found near the body in the staff lounge.

Confirmed? Partially. Rose Marie Pearson reported seeing Mrs. Boyd before Jared Plunk's body was found.

Yvonne Boyd


[tab title='Kelly Bradley']

Description: The victim's recently-jilted girlfriend

Alibi: Ms. Bradley said she did not arrive at the conference center until after the murder was committed.

Confirmed? Tentatively. The bus driver and other passengers confirmed that they saw Ms. Bradley on the bus that morning around 7:30. No one at the conference center reported seeing her there until after Jared Plunk's body was found.

Kelly Bradley


[tab title='Buzz Dakota']

Description: Local eccentric

Alibi: Mr. Dakota said he was at the conference center, where he saw two "Elvis clones," one of whom "turned into a woman."

Confirmed? Yes.  Rose Marie Pearson reported seeing Mr. Dakota in the lobby just before Jared Plunk's body was found. Conference center employees reported he had been in the lobby for some time that morning.

Buzz Dakota


[tab title='Peter Davis']

Description: Blamed the victim for his sister's suicide

Alibi: Mr. Davis said he was asleep in bed with his wife the morning Jared Plunk was killed.

Confirmed? Tentatively. Only Mr. Davis' wife, Sonya, could confirm his whereabouts.

Peter Davis


[tab title='Sonya Davis']

Description: The victim replaced her as keynote speaker at the conference.

Alibi: Mrs. Davis said she and her husband were in their room at the YCCC between midnight and 7:00 a.m. on the morning Jared Plunk was killed.

Confirmed? Tentatively. Only Mrs. Davis' husband, Peter, could confirm her whereabouts.

Sonya Davis


[tab title='Quentin Evans']

Description: Crusades against glorification of pop culture figures, especially Elvis.

Alibi: Quentin Evans said he went to the conference center around 5:30 a.m. the morning Jared Plunk was killed. He said he saw a person wearing an Elvis costume with what Mr. Evans now believes was blood on it. Mr. Evans said he then saw the body and fled, bumping into "a man in a stupid-looking aluminum foil hat and some woman holding a white jumpsuit" as he left.

Confirmed? No. None of the witnesses have reported seeing Mr. Evans at the conference center that morning.

Quentin Evans


[tab title='Rose Marie Pearson']

Description: Elvis tribute artist and conference attendee

Alibi: Mrs. Pearson said she was standing outside the center when the murder occurred. She said she saw a strange man, later identified as Buzz Dakota, and also someone else in an Elvis costume, who has not been identified at this time.

Confirmed? Partially. Buzz Dakota said he saw an "Elvis clone" who "turned into a woman," which could have been Mrs. Pearson. Quentin Evans said he saw "some woman holding a white jumpsuit" as he left after Jared Plunk was already dead. Peter Boyd said he saw a female Elvis tribute artist in the hall near his room. Both Mr. Evans and Mr. Boyd later identified Mrs. Pearson from a photo array. 

Rose Pearson


[tab title='Alison Plunk']

Description: The victim's wife

Alibi: Mrs. Plunk said she was asleep until 5:30 a.m. two-bedroom suite she shared with her husband at the conference center. She had coffee and showered before she noticed her husband, Jared, was not in the other bedroom and his bed hadn't been slept in.

Confirmed? No.

Alison Plunk


[tab title='Lindsey Snyder']

Description: Co-organizer of the Elvis conference

Alibi: Mrs. Snyder said she was at home with her husband when Jared Plunk was killed.

She stated that she was working alone and she doesn't know if anyone saw her, but that she arose early and got to her office at approximately 6:15 a.m.

There are no witnesses as to Lindsey Snyder's whereabouts at the time of the murder. Her alibi cannot be confirmed.

Confirmed? No. Mr. Snyder could not confirm his wife's whereabouts during the time frame when Jared Plunk was killed.

Lindsey Snyder


[tab title='Max Snyder']

Description: Organizer of the Elvis conference

Alibi: Mr. Snyder told officers at the scene that he had been at home with his wife and had arrived at the conference center just after the body was found.

Confirmed? No. Mrs. Snyder could not confirm her husband's whereabouts during the time frame when Jared Plunk was killed.

Max Snyder


[tab title='Carl Warren']

Description: Pastor of the Elvis Faithful

Alibi: Carl Warren said he was at a cocktail at the conference center until approximately 11:00 p.m. on Friday, after which he and his wife went home because his wife was ill. Mrs. Warren confirmed that she didn't attend the conference after the cocktail party because of her illness, which kept her in bed all weekend.

Confirmed? Tentatively. Mrs. Warren said she believes her husband was at their home during the time Jared Plunk was killed, but she couldn't be sure.

Carl Warren



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