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Janet Weber interview #5

Sunday, October 31, 2021 – 4:12 p.m.

Janet Weber is a Yoknapatawpha Players actress.

Detectives Beckwith and Magee talked to her again at the Yoknapatawpha County Sheriff's Department.


  • Detective P. Beckwith
  • Detective J. Magee
  • Janet Weber

Detective Magee: Janet, whose idea was it to have Erv and Neal switch teams?

Janet Weber: Erv and Neal?

Detective Magee: Yes. Erv and Neal. They were switched before the rehearsal started. And it wasn't a surprise to you, so please, don't humiliate yourself by lying to us. Now. Who proposed that idea?

Janet Weber: Originally?

Detective Beckwith: Let's save the wide-eyed innocence act for the stage, shall we? Denis says you came to him with a request to make the switch. He says you didn't go to Anna because Anna would've said no. He says you went behind Anna's back and requested something from him for your own personal gain. Got it now?

Janet Weber: Yes. I've got it now.

Detective Beckwith: Is it true?

Janet Weber: Yes.

Detective Beckwith: Great. See how easy that was? I suggest you get serious about this process, Ms. Weber. We're going from room to room, interviewing people about Scott's death. Your deflection and lies are transparent. Don't insult our intelligence. Please.

Janet Weber: I— I— didn't mean—

Detective Magee: So, in the interest of time, here's what we've been told. Feel free to confirm or deny any of the following. If we want an explanation, we'll ask for it. Otherwise, just yes or no. Okay?

Janet Weber: This is very harsh treatment, detectives.

Detective Beckwith: A man is dead, Ms. Weber. We handled you with kid gloves up until the point that you insulted our intelligence with your feigned innocence and repeated lies. Please just answer the questions.

Janet Weber: Fine.

Detective Magee: Was it you who initiated the request to Denis that Erv and Neal switch teams?

Janet Weber: Yes.

Detective Beckwith: Why?

Janet Weber: Well, I think Neal is … like … more physically fit and would make a stronger team member.

Detective Magee: Didn't Neal and Anna used to date?

Janet Weber: Yes.

Detective Magee: Do you think Anna would've requested that Denis put Neal on her team if she wanted Neal on her team?

Janet Weber: Yes, I guess so.

Detective Beckwith: Is Anna ever indecisive?

Janet Weber: No.

Detective Beckwith: Then quit playing games. Why did you request that Neal be switched onto your team? Keep in mind: we've asked this question of others who were very forthcoming with information.

Janet Weber: It's embarrassing, that's all. I'm not hiding relevant information. I'm just embarrassed to tell you that I did it because I have a—look, this is so embarrassing—but I have a thing … for Neal. There! Now you know!

Detective Beckwith: But it is relevant information, Ms. Weber, and you don't get to decide what's relevant and what's not. Understand?

Janet Weber: Yes.

Detective Beckwith: Why did you lock Heath in the quarantine room?

Janet Weber: I've told you that already.

Detective Magee: But you said it was accidental. Do you still stand by that statement?

Janet Weber: He was on drugs. He was paranoid. He was sabotaging the play and ruining it for the rest of us.

Detective Magee: He was sabotaging the play?

Janet Weber: Yes. Not that he meant to or anything.

Detective Beckwith: Interesting choice of word there—sabotage—because isn't that precisely what you were doing? Except intentionally, am I right?

Janet Weber: Which lying piece of crap told you that?!

Detective Beckwith: Your physically fit, dreamy team member Neal told us that.

Janet Weber: Wait, Neal did?

Detective Beckwith: Yep. Seems all that romance and loyalty between the two of you only goes one way. He was only too happy to share his insights about why you would sabotage the play to cover up Scott's murder.

Janet Weber: No, no. Wait. That's not what happened. Neal said that?

Detective Magee: Yes, Neal said that. What's your version?

Janet Weber: Okay, so yes. I locked Heath in the quarantine room on purpose. It had nothing to do with his state of mind … or … drug use. Oh, my God, this can't be happening. How can Neal think I'd do something like that?

Detective Magee: You'd have to ask him.

Janet Weber: Can I? Can I speak with him? I need to explain—

Detective Beckwith: No, you can't speak with him. Why did you lock Heath in the quarantine room if it wasn't for his drug use, as you previously claimed?

Janet Weber: Okay. Whatever Neal told you, it had nothing to do with Scott at all. It was Cherie. She wanted the play to fail.

Detective Beckwith: How do you know that?

Janet Weber: Because she told me to do it. We went out for a drink, and she— I mean, she can't bear to have Anna succeed, so she bullied and bullied until I agreed to … to … lock someone in the room to sabotage the play.

Detective Magee: And is that all you did? Think carefully before you answer, Janet.

Janet Weber: No. I also did other things. Not big things, but just …

Detective Beckwith: Just what? It's imperative that you're honest with us.

Janet Weber: I pretended I didn't remember lines and just stood there staring at Anna, trying to make it look like it was her that was messing up. And I told Heath to take the bloody arm.

Detective Magee: So, when Heath took the bloody arm and went berserk with it, that was your suggestion? That doesn't seem like a minor thing to me.

Janet Weber: I— I was under so much pressure from Cherie! I almost didn't do it, but then Health made it an easy decision for me because he was just so awful. I didn't want to do any of it, though. I said no, but she said, “Come on, Janet! Don't be weak!”

Detective Beckwith: And? What was she going to do if you didn't follow through?

Janet Weber: She was going to publicly humiliate me about Neal. Like actually tell him, in front of everyone. She said she'd announce it while Anna was giving notes after the performance. In front of Neal. In front of the other board members. In front of the whole cast.

Detective Magee: Still, Janet, you could've—

Janet Weber: She kept badgering and badgering!

Detective Magee: Did she badger you into murdering Scott?

Janet Weber: No! I had nothing to do with Scott's death!

Detective Magee: You sure about that?

Janet Weber: Yes, positive, detective! Please believe me. I had nothing to do with it!

Detective Beckwith: The problem, Ms. Weber, is that you have whittled away at your credibility by jerking us around.

Janet Weber: I'm sorry. I'm very, very sorry. I'm now telling you the humiliating truth. Cherie bullied me into locking Heath in the quarantine room.

Detective Magee: Did she threaten you?

Janet Weber: Not at first. At first, it was like she wanted to get to know me better. But that wasn't what she wanted at all. Cherie wanted Anna's project to fail.

Detective Beckwith: What about you? Did you want the project to fail?

Janet Weber: No. I wanted Neal to notice me. But, he only has eyes for Anna. Like literally.

Detective Magee: What does that mean?

Janet Weber: He just can't accept that she's not interested in him anymore. He broke it off, and she moved on. I thought he'd realize how good I am for him. How devoted I am. How much I care for him.

Detective Magee: How would he realize that?

Janet Weber: I'm always doing little things for him. I mean, I saved the best hiding spot for him. Right next to me. Out of the blood splatter zone during the big battle scene. He would've been safe there. But he just ignored me as he walked past. On a mission, I guess. To find Anna.

Detective Beckwith: Ms. Weber, what weapon or weapons did you use during the play?

Janet Weber: I had a piece of pipe at first, but then I also grabbed a handgun after leaving the medical lab.

Detective Beckwith: Did you pick up anything else?

Janet Weber: No. Just the pipe, which was kind of lame, and the handgun, which was kind of badass.

Detective Magee: Okay, thank you.

Interview ended – 4:36 p.m.



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